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Hi. We are arriving with Air Serbia from Belgrade (from Tel Aviv) at terminal 1 19:35 and have an Emirates flight form terminal 3 at 22:05 (first class...hopefully quick check in). Will this be enough time on a Thursday evening? Do we need to go through passport control/security on arrival and departure? Thanks
Arrive Terminal 1 and depart Terminal 1. About 30 minutes to make connection. Do I have to go through security again or do I go directly to the gate?
You can go straight to the departure gate.
I will land FCO at 8:00 am on a Delta flight from US and am booked on a separate ticket on Vueling to Dubrovnik, departing 10:00 am. Both arriving and departing flights should be Terminal 3. However, Vueling (after I booked) said that I cannot get boarding pass to DBV on-line and must go to a "check-in desk" at FCO AND that I must be checked in no less than 45 min before departure. I will only have carry-on and thought that I would be able to go directly from Delta gate to Vueling gate. Now, however, am concerned that I'll have to go outside of security and stand in line at outer Vueling desk, then re-enter security, etc. Plus boarding gate closes 20 min before departure. Am concerned that I won't make this connection, esp. if Delta runs even a few min. late. Can I get Vueling boarding pass at Vueling boarding gate? Would deeply appreciate any help or wisdom. Thanks!
With a carry-on only I think it's possible but certainly risky. Vueling should have a transfer desk inside security.
Thank you! I will hope for a transfer desk, and will move quickly!
JFK-FCO-FRA. Stop over for 1 hr and 30 minutes in FCO. Italy is one of the listed Schengen area, no need for transit visa? Second question, flying all the way on Alitalia ticket, enough connection time -T3 to T1? Please re-verify to give me peace of mind. Thank you in advance.
Yes, your visa issued by Germany is sufficient for entry into Italy for your connection. You have enough time if everything goes smoothly.
Hi, If I have a connected flight with Alitalia from Tunis to Venice with 1h10min layover in Rome, would this gave me enough time to change the terminals from 3 to 1?
That is barely enough time if everything goes perfectly.
Can i make the flight which has 1 hr 20 mins trmnl 3 to trmnl 1
Are both flights on the same reservation? What airline is the first flight on? Where is it from?
Is this Enough Time? Its two separate flights landing FCO Terminal 3, and a flight at 10:20 departing at Terminal 3?
With checked bags that is not enough time. Without checked bags that is probably enough time.
I want to know if 65mn time connection is enough (between T1 from Paris to T3 Canton).
This is the same ticket (China southern and flight operated by Air France).
Many thanks per advance
That should be just enough time.
Hi, Do you know if I have to recheck for boarding card in FCO ?
China southern given't me the answer ...
I want to know if 45mn time connection is enough (between T3 from Canton to T1 to Paris).
This is the same ticket (China southern and flight operated by Air France).
Many thanks
That will be really difficult.
I think so ... China southern doesn't want to change my ticket
I don't recommend this company, very poor service, difficult to contact
Incredible to purpose this connection time
Thank you for your reply
Arriving FCO on Delta @ 10:30 am with checked bags. Departing on a separate ticket on Egyptair to Cairo at 2:00 pm. I know I have to pick up my bags and recheck them....Is this enough time? Do you know what Egyptair requirements are for checking in before departure time?
That should be plenty of time.