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I want to know if 45mn time connection is enough (between T3 from Canton to T1 to Paris).
This is the same ticket (China southern and flight operated by Air France).
Many thanks
That will be really difficult.
I think so ... China southern doesn't want to change my ticket
I don't recommend this company, very poor service, difficult to contact
Incredible to purpose this connection time
Thank you for your reply
Arriving FCO on Delta @ 10:30 am with checked bags. Departing on a separate ticket on Egyptair to Cairo at 2:00 pm. I know I have to pick up my bags and recheck them....Is this enough time? Do you know what Egyptair requirements are for checking in before departure time?
That should be plenty of time.
I am flying Alitalia (Delta) from JFK to Rome, arriving 8:40am on a Saturday. I am then flying to FIorence on Alitalia on a 10:30am flight. Is that enough time at the terminal? Do I need to get my luggage, go through customs, or can I get my bags checked through to Florence?
Yes, that should be enough time. You will just go through Passport control and to your departure gate if everything is on the same reservation.
Hi, i think i might have posted in wrong forum - but will try again here. I am arriving at FCO from Heathrow at 20:25pm (hopefully) at Terminal 3, flying Alitalia, and have a connecting flight to Abu Dhabi at 10:00pm, for Terminal 3 also with Alitalia. Is 1.5 hrs enough time? (me again, and my neurotic inner granny...)
Yes, that should be enough time.
US citizen arriving FCO on United direct flight from Dulles on a Saturday morning at 8am, has separate ticket on Alitalia flight to Venice at 10:10am with NO checked luggage to collect.
United says flight will arrive at Terminal 3, and I believe flight to VCE departs from Terminal 1. Will two hours be enough to get through passport control, then to "B" gates in Terminal 1?
Yes, that should be. Check in for your Alitalia flight online before leaving the US.
Arrive FCO 10:45am thursday. Want to pre-buy train ticket (via Termini) to Florence. How long will it take us to get thru customs and to the airport train station?
I would not book a ticket departing Rome Airport before Noon, maybe 12:30.
Arrving Rome on TAP from Lisbon at 125p, no checked bags and considering a 310p on Alitalia to Florence on separate ticket. Will need to clear immigrations in Rome as originating from USA. Is this enough time?
Portugal and Italy are both in the Schengen Area. There are no border controls when passing between Portugal and Italy. Note however that TAP and Alitalia are in different terminals in Rome.
Alitalia from Brindisi 8:10 am arrival must connect with United to Newark@9:55am, no luggage. Reasonable?
With no luggage it's just possible if the flight from Brindisi is on-time.
Hi, we are arriving in Rome at 12:35 pm from New York City and considering a flight to Venice they departs at 2:35pm. Is this enough time to clear customs, deal with our luggage and get to the gate?
with checked bags, no I don't think that's enough time. There's lots of flights to Venice. Pick a later one.
Arriving from US @ 9:45 departing to Cairo on a separate ticket around 2pm. 5 people with checked bags. Does it matter if the departing airline is Egyptair or Royal Jordanian? Do they both depart from T3? Do we need to exit and re-check our bags at the Airline's counter or is there a luggage transfer within T3?
That is plenty of time. Yes, both depart from T3 and yes, with both you will have to claim your bags and then re-check them with the second airline at their check-in desk.