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Our Air Canada flight from Toronto arrives at 9:35 and our flight to Dubrovnikon Croatia Airlines leaves at 11:15, both in Terminal 3. Flights are on same ticket. Do we only have to go to security and then to departure gate? If it's the case, do we have enough time to make the connection
You don't even have to go through security. You have enough time.
I am arrive at terminal 1at 9;35 wcarry on and need to be at terminal 5 at 11;35 am flight Will I make it on time and can I get there by foot
You have to take a shuttle. I think you have barely enough time if everything goes perfectly.
what is the time schedule for shuttle from terminal 1 to terminal 5 and how long will it take from terminal 1 to terminal 5 Thank you
I am arriving from Abu Dhabi on Etihad at 1.10pm and checking onto Iberia departing at 3.20pm with luggage. Both are in T3. Do I need to clear customs or can I check in for Iberia in-transit? Is this enough time? Thanks
Yes, since you are on two separate reservations you will have to go through passport control, claim your bags, re-check them with Iberia/Vueling, and go through security.
Thanks Zap
We are arriving 12:10 p.m. into Terminal 5, FCO (Terminal 5) via United, We have to meet with our friends who are arriving 4:15 pm into FCO (Terminal 3), via British Airways - about 4 hrs later.. What is the best way to go from Terminal 5 to the Baggage arrivals section of Terminal 3 ? We have 3 pieces of luggage & would like to wait preferably near an airport restaurant. Do we need to go through security again? Thanks.
YOu do not arrive in Terminal 5. You arrive in Terminal 3. You both arrive in Terminal 3. Meet at the meeting point in Terminal 3.
I am flying in a few days to Madrid so I am changing my plane in Rome, FCO. I am arriving in Terminal 1 from a Shengen area country and I need to go Terminal 3 to catch my flight. Time between flights is 55 minutes. Do I have enough time? Which is the fastest way for me to get from T1 to T3 and how to I proceed?
We are flying in on Delta arriving from Minneapolis@10:20 meeting friends who are arriving from Chicago on United at 10:30 .we are meeting a driver to take us to hotel .will we be going through customs and immigration at the same place?
Terminal 3 and Terminal 5?
No flights arrive in Terminal 5. Both of you will arrive in Terminal 3.
On Dec. 1 I have a ticket TLV-FCO on Alitalia with a 1:15 layover and continuation to JFK on Delta. Same ticket. Enough time?
Yes, that should be just enough time if everything goes smoothly.
Once I land in Rome from the US at Terminal 3, I connect to Terminal 1 to Pisa. Do I have to go through security?
I believe you will.
arrive American Wed 8/31 about 9AM. Have separate Air Italia ticket Rome to Florence about 10:30 AM. Carry on luggage only. 1)so I need to go through immigration/customs and 2) can I make the connection?
With no checked bags that is barely enough time. Check in for your Alitalia flight online before you leave the US.
HI we are taking the train from Florence arriving in FCO around 9.52am. Our international flight to Asia leaves at 12noon and leaves from T3. Would 2 hours suffice in the airport?
Are yoi sure it arrives directly at the airport. Usually speed trains arrive t Termini station. If you have 2 hourd that should be enough at the airport. just check your terminal.
Hi yes there's a direct from Florence to Roma Aeroporto. I have been told to allow 3 hours due to security checks in FCO. So I just wanted to confirm. Thanks.
I am flaying to fco from atlanta and i have connection alitalia flight to egypt !
Do i have enough time ! And should i go through the immigration ??
No immigration. just pass through transit. do NOT follow others or you will find yourself at immigration.