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I am landing in Fiumicino airport at 12 o'clock noon on British airways. Want to book Ryan airline flight to Palermo leaving at 1:10 PM. Is this enough time? If not, would a Vueling flight at 2:10 pm works?
I don't think the 1:10 flight would be possible, especially if you have checked bags. I would do the 2:10 flight.
Hi. Connecting in Rome with 70 minutes between flights. Alitalia flight from Paris, and then an Alitalia flight to Venice. Different bookings. Is this enough time?
SInce everyhing is within Schengen in Terminal 1, that should be enough time. Check in online for all your flights before leaving Paris.
I arrive in Terminal 1 at FCO from Malta on Air Italia and have 1h 15min to get to Terminal 3 for connecting flight to Toronto on KLM (operated by Air Italia) do I have enough time?
Yes, that should be enough time. Also it's Alitalia, not "Air Italia".
Flying Boston-Dublin-Rome on AerLingus. Arrive 10:30am. Connect to Catania via Alitalia at 12:30pm. Will we have time to change terminals, collect bags, clear customs and security and get our boarding passes? Should we book a later flight or will Alitalia take care of that if we miss the 12:30 flight?
I think that will be fairly difficult.
US citizen arriving from MIA and onward to BRI. Same reservation.Have checked bags. Would like to understand security / transfer process at FCO and time required. Return is opposite, arriving from BRI and onward to MIA. What is transfer / security process here and time requirements. Thanks much..
In Rome you will have to go through Passport control and change terminals both ways.
thanks. Do I have to claim/recheck bags on either connection?
If both flights are on Alitalia, no.
Next summer, flying from Brindisi to FCO on Alitalia, then changing to Air Canada flight to Montreal. 2 separate reservations. Will have checked bags. I'm in business class for the second flight. How much time should I allow between flights in order to not have to rush or worry? Thank you.
I would still want 3 hours.
My flight departs at T1 and my parents' flight departs at T3. Would I be allowed to enter the security with them at T3, sending them to their gate, and then walk to my own gate in T1 (without exiting the security)? Thanks!
No, you can't.
3 nephews landing LH232 at 12:35 connecting to TG945 at 1:30 PM. I think they are both T3 gates. Bags checked. Thoughts please, thanks!
If both flights are on the same reservation it will be very difficult but it's not impossible.
Arriving FCO from NRT on EY at 1:10pm, connecting flight on IB to MAD at 3:20pm. Will I have enough time to make my next flight?
On two separate reservations that will be difficult. On the same reservation that should be enough time.
I am arriving FCO from calabria on Alitalia at 9.20am flying out on AA 11.20am to Chicago, Not booked in same reservation. I am trying to see if I can gate check my bag or have it checked all the way through. If I can't do either will I have enough time to catch my flight?
You won't be able to do either. You don'r realistically have enough time.