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We are flying into Rome from Catania on Sep. 4th arriving FCO at10:35 our flight to Toronto leaves at 14:05 will this be enough time to collect our luggage/switch terminals/check-in for international flight?
Yes, that should be enough time.
I will be flying Delta into Rome from the United States in late September. How much time should I allow to get through customs and catch an Alitalia flight out of another terminal to Verona? I will have carry on baggage only.
2 hours would be what I recommend.
The person making arrangements for me is now telling me that I won't go through customs until I reach Verona...
Is that possible (the second flight is apparently a Delta flight operated by Alitalia)? And if so, how much does that change the time allowance?
Arriving 7:45 AM on United from EWR and need to make Alitalia flight to Florence at 10:25 AM . What's the fastest way to get to other terminal?
Our travel agent booked our return flight from Palermo to FCO then to JFK mid October with not much turnaround time. We arrive from Palermo at 9:05 am and depart FCO for JFK at 10:40 am. From what I've read that may not be enough time. Are there lockers at FCO where we can store our main luggage and just take carryon's to Palermo to make the transition go quicker?
Are both flights on the same reservation? What airlines? That should be enough time.
Both flights (from Palermo to Rome and Rome to JFK) are on Alitalia.
I will be flying from the US and landing at FCO 8am. We are looking to fly to Palermo the same day. Would it be reasonable to book a 10am flight with Alitalia or do I need more time to switch terminals and get through customs? Thank you so much-this is our honeymoon!
That would be somewhat risky.
Our United flight from the US is scheduled to arrive @ 7:45. We have a 9:40 flight on Alitialia to Sardinia. Is this enough time to make the connection?
It's possible but somewhat risky.
arriving from Malta on terminal 1 @ 7:10pm Air Alitalia and departing for Dublin, Ireland on British Airways @ terminal 3 @ 8:35pm same day! Can our baggage be checked all the way through from Malta to Ireland and will we have enough time to get from Terminal 1 to Terminal 3 .
Thank you!
If it's one reservation then your bags will be checked the whole way but with two separate reservations, probably not. You have barely enough time if everything goes perfectly.
How much time do we need between flights. Arrive Air Alitalia at 8:30 and fly out on Vueling at 9:50. Is that enough time in November?
With no checked bags that's possible. Not possible with checked bags.
hello, I'm to arrive in FCO from Cairo with a 1:30 hour transit time for the next flight to CDG airport, is this enough time to clear security and such? if so, which terminal will I arrive in and is it the same terminal of the departure.
I arrive at terminal 3 and have to get my bag from baggage claim and go to terminal 5. What is the best way to get to terminal 5?