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  • Transfer from T3 to T1 in December
    Jul 7, 2015
    We are flying into Rome in December and have a 55 min layover to catch our flight to Madrid. Is this doable?


    That will be quite difficult. It's possible, but geez, really difficult.


    I thought so. Both flights are Alitalia though, if that changes anything?


    Just means it will be easier getting rebooked on the next flight to Madrid when you miss your connection.


  • Connections
    Jul 6, 2015
    Traveling from the US to Rome on AA. Have 2.5 hour layover to catch an Alitalia flight and will be traveling with carry on bags only. It appears I won't be able to check in online or have a boarding pass for the Alitalia flight. Does this mean I will need to go to the Alitalia check in desks in Rome or are there places to print/obtain boarding passes on the secure side during the transit between terminals?


    You should be able to get your Alitalia boarding pass from the Alitalia transfer desk. However, if you are travelling soon, nearly half of the airport is closed, so you may have trouble accessing an Alitalia transfer desk from where your AA flight will arrive.


  • Good Meeting Place
    Jul 5, 2015
    I am flying into FCO on American Airlines and my wife is flying in on Alitalia. Both from JFK. What is a good place for us to meet? I assume it needs to be after going through customs. I will be about an hour earlier than her so please keep that in mind.


    Are you flying soon? As nearly half of the airport is currently closed and it is a mess. I suggest meeting somewhere outside the airport property.


    Yes. This week actually. Is there anywhere to sit after going through customs? I'm flying American Airlines so is there an airline lounge (and can I get to it without going back through security)?


    I don't think you quite understand. The airport is a total mess right now. They are using all kinds of temporary ad-hoc facilities and the entire airport is in a state of constant chaos. It will be best for you to both get out of there as soon as possible so as to not add to the madness. Maybe meet in the airport train station.


  • FCO connection
    Jul 1, 2015
    I arrive at FCO from Canada at terminal 3 and have 2hours40min to catch an Alitalia flight to CAGLIARI leaving from terminal 1. Question:after I get by passport check point, pick up my luggage, walk to terminal 1, check in and then pass security...will I make my flight ? grazie :)


    It's possible. Currently the Rome airport is nearly half closed though, so if you're flying soon be prepared for it to be chaos when you arrive in Rome.


  • Rome to Venice
    Jul 1, 2015
    I will be arriving in Rome from Newark on Nov 5 on United Airlines. I have purchased a separate ticket to get me from Rome to Venice. Will 2 hours be enough time?


    Yes. By November the airport should be hopefully operating normally again and 2 hours should be enough time.


  • FCO to JFK
    Jun 29, 2015
    I have a flight to JFK from FCO on August 19th. I will arrive at 1:30 FCO trerminal 3 and depart to JFK at 02:45 terminal 3. Do I have enough time? Also I have 3 kids with me. Shall I inform the flight attendant? Thanks


    That should be enough time if the airport is reopened by then.


  • FCO to JFK
    Jun 29, 2015
    I have a flight to JFK from FCO. I will arrive at 1:30 FCO trerminal 3 and depart to JFK at 02:45 terminal 3. Do I have enough time? Also I have 3 kids with me. Shall I inform the flight attendant? Thanks


  • Connection to Trieste flight and baggage collection
    Jun 28, 2015
    I arrive at FCO on September 19 on Alitalia from Boston. I am connecting to another Alitalia flight to Trieste. Does anyone know which terminal I will arrive in and which terminal I will depart from? Also, do I need to collect and recheck my baggage after passport control? Thanks for any advice.


    By September 19 hopefully the airport will be fully reopened. If so you will arrive in Terminal 3 and depart from Terminal 1. No, you will not have to claim your baggage in Rome.


    Thank You!!


  • only 1h for connection
    Jun 28, 2015
    I land with alitalia at 8:40 AM and my next fleight is on9:40 AM/ both Alitalia onT-3 but on their website the write that it moved to T-1 Is it enough time?


    I have flow in/out of FCO several times in the last few weeks and I would say no. They are a mess due to the May fire.




    It's a mess at FCO right now, who knows.


  • T1 to T3 walking distance
    Jun 29, 2015
    On July 4th, I land at 8:25 on T1 and have to walk to T3 check in area, to do the check-in in order to get into an other flight departing at 9:30 from T3. What is the walking distance between T1 and T3? Will I be able to make it if I have only hand luggage and can walk quickly?


    almost half the rome airport is currently closed due to a fire and still will be on the 4th. Just follow signs and directions once you arrive. Chances are your flight that you thought was leaving from T3 won't leave from there. It's going to be a mess once you arrive.


    As the other commenter noted it is a mess. I would not cut it this close, personally.


    Thanks for this.


  • Connection T3 to T1
    Jun 28, 2015
    I have a conncetion in FCO on August 12. Arrive from Cairo 7am at terminal 3 and should take 8am to Madrid from Terminal 1. Both tickets are alitalia and a single itinerary, shoul I be worried ? Or if I miss the Madrid flight I will be booked on the next one ?


    That should be enough time if Terminal 3 is reopened by then. If you do miss your flight you will be rebooked on the next one.


    You will be booked on the cext flight IF there is room. Given the mess at FCO, there may not be room; many others will be in your situation. This is a tight connection under any circumstances and I would not attempt it given the current challenges at FCO


    Jun 28, 2015
    Hi, I'm 17 and on the 29th of June I'll be travelling from Istanbul to JFK through Rome . I've bought my tickets through Delta but the IST-FCO and FCO-JFK flights are operated by Alitalia. I have a 1 hour and 55 minutes layover time will that be enough due to the mess at Terminal 3 right now?. I've bought my tickets together and I'm a US Citizen.


    Under normal circumstances that would be enough time, but these aren't normal circumstances. It helps that both flights are on Alitalia.


    This is doable. Move quickly through the airport. If you can avoid checking luggage that would be ideal.


    Jun 25, 2015
    We are arriving this weekend on Delta from ATL connecting to Alitalia to Tirana.(2 hour layover) I believe we transfer from T3 to T1. Our luggage can be tagged to Tiriana. I don't want to leave the terminal, please let me know the steps to transfer ourselves and luggage.


    Almost half the airport in Rome is closed right now due to a fire. it is apparently a mess. There's no way of knowing where your flight from Atlanta will arrive. Just follow the signs and directions and be patient. If both tickets were purchased on the same reservation you shouldn't have to do anything with your baggage.


  • BCN To FCO arrive at 8:10am departs 10:55am Enough Time
    Jun 25, 2015
    Alitalia airlines BCN To FCO arrive at 8:10am. Alitalia flight departs for Detroit at 10:55am. Enough Time to make the connection? Do I need to transfer luggage? Does anyone know which FCO terminal we land at from BCN, and how difficult is it to get to terminal 5?


    were tickets purchased separately or together? FCO is a mess right now, nearly half of it is closed due to a fire in Terminal 3.


    Together, will I have to transfer luggage. Traveling alone and the first time to Europe.


    You don't need to transfer your luggage and maybe not go to Terminal 5. Just follow directions to get to your departure gate. Who knows where it will be due to the fire closure.


  • Enought time with mess at rome airport ??
    Jun 23, 2015
    Arrive from S'pore 7.50am and have Easyjet flight to Gatwick (separate ticket) at 10.55am departure is that enough time to collect luggage, drop bags at checkin, do passport/security and get to gate (closes 10.25am) with 1/2 the airport now closed as you say? How long are the current delays to get through security/passport after checkin? Easyjet usually leaves from T2 but some sites saying all flights to Gatwick (incl easyjet have to go through T3 security first true??? Thanks


    You'll just have to play it by ear when you arrive. You should have enough time but who knows what will happen. I've even heard of some Easyjet flights from Rome being rescheduled to operate from Rome-Ciampino. Because of this mess Easyjet will be moving their Italian base from Rome to Venice later this year.


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