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We are flying DL to FCO, then taking Alitalia to Catania. Will we have have to leave the secure area to claim and recheck our bags? If so, is purchasing "Fast Track" from Alitalia worth it?
Flying business class on Air Canada from Montreal arriving at 8:50 Terminal 3 and flying Alitalia to Brindisi Terminal 1 at 2:20. Since we have a 5 hour layover is there a nice airport lounge in terminal 1?
Arriving FCO at 7:55 am, on Delta. Hope to make my Vueling flight at 10:00 to Dubrovnik. These are separate tickets, but I will only have carry on baggage. Looks like both of these will be in Terminal 3? Vueling says check in for their flight ends at 9:15 am, but I hope to "check-in" fpr the Vueling flight on their phone app, while in transit in the US. Will it be possible, do you think, for me to make this connection? Thank you!
With carry-ons only that's just enough time.
Thank you!
Landing in FCO at 945am coming from the US on American Airlines and connecting with Aegean Airlines to ATH at 1100am. Separate reservations. Since both are in the same terminal, would that be enough time or am I pushing it? I'm guessing I'll have to go thru passport control in FCO, right?
hi I'm flying Chicago to Rome on Alitalia. arriving at 7:30am in terminal 3, need to make a connection to milan on Alitalia at 10.05 am in terminal 1 ticket is all in one. will I need to go through customs first. ? then onto terminal 1. Amex travel said I didn't need to go through security again and said I could make the connection with no problem.
Yes, you will go through passport control in Rome. You should not have to go through security. You have plenty of time.
Flying to Rome from JFK on Delta and connecting to Alitalia to Catania, trying to figure out which terminal i will land in rome and leave in rome for catania.
You will arrive in Terminal 3 and depart from Terminal 1.
I have a 2 hr 45 min lay over is that enough time
I am flying from lamezia terme and land at fumancino at 750am, I have a flight from fumancino to chicago at 930am with latest check in being 850am. Will I have time to make my connection and check in bags? Both flights are Alitalia but are purchased separately.
I'm flyin from FLR to FCO on Alitalia arriving Term 1 at 0750, what's the process for connecting to AA to Chicago at 1130?
We have 2+ hours between our AA flight landing in FCO, Terminal 3, and the departing flight on Ryanair to Palermo. The Ryanair CSR said their flight leaves from Terminal 3 ... their website says Terminal 1. Can anyone help us efficiently navigate from AA to Ryanair at FCO? THANK YOU!!!
Before you needed to go to terminal 5 for clearance and then shuttle over to terminal 3. It looks like AA has changed this and you just have to go to terminal 3. Is this correct?