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Alitalia from Tunis arrives in Rome at 1:20 p.m. and I have to connect on another Alitalia flight to Athens that departs at 2:50 p.m. These are two separate one-way tickets and Alitalia will not combine both reservations saying I have to pick up my luggage and re-check for my Athens flight. Is there enough time to clear immigration, customs and re-check to Athens.

I understand the Tunis flight will arrive in Terminal 3. Which terminal does the Athens flight depart from?

Thank you for any help.
I am planning to book a Flight Ticket from Abu Dhabi to Detroit (USA).The flight is partially Operated by Alitalia. I am an Indian National and Holds a Valid and Stamped Dependent VISA (USA). The Flight will go via Rome (fiumicino) as per the below itinerary with a terminal change also at fiumicinio (Terminal 3 to Terminal 1) and the total layover will be 4 hrs and 10 min.
AUH --> FCO (Terminal 3) (Alitalia AZ 853)
FCO (Terminal 1) --> DTW ( Delta AZ 7606)

Please Confirm If I need any Transit Visa for Italy_Rome_Fiumicinio (Terminal 3 to Terminal 1) .
Hi Ravi, I am planning to take above mentioned itenary for my father(has valid and stamped visa). Please let me know if transit visa is required. Any information in this regards is greatly appreciated.
Arriving from a cruise at 9:30. One couple going on TAP to Milan at 11:45, the other couple going on Ryan Air to Barcelona at 3:00. How long will it take us to get through customs and what is the procedure? Thanks
Arriving Alitalia from Canada, connecting to Pisa (same ticket) in 1.5 hours. Will we make it?
Yes, that should be enough time.
American Airlines moved my departure up to 11:10 AM in Rome. I'm flying from Athens Greece. Connecting in Rome. My flight from Athens arrives at 10:05. My departure on American Airlines to Philadelphia is at 11:10. Can I make that connection?
I forgot to say I was flying in from Athens on Aegean airlines. I have the tickets American Airlines. No checked bags. Both going in and out of terminal three. Just different airlines. Trying to figure out if I must go through passport control question
You will go through Schengen Exit Passport control. You have just enough time if the flight from Athens is on-time.
I am a US Citizen flying Alitalia TLV>FCO 1030AM-1:25PM and connecting FCO>VCE same day 2:30-3:35PM.
The reservations are on the same ticket.

Will I clear customs & immigration in Rome or in Venice?
Also, will I have enough time to go between flights, and if so, will I arrive and depart from the same terminal in FCO?
I am booked on a through-tickets, so my bags should be sent directly to VCE.
You will go through passport control in Rome. You have enough time if everything goes smoothly.
thank you.
is AZ 4715 considered a domestic flight then, with no customs activity in VCE after deplaning?
I am flying American Air into FCO on Thursday, Oct. 5 arriving at 7:35 AM. I want to fly from FCO to Naples on Alitalia Flight 1263 leaving at 9:45 AM. Will I have time to get from American Air to Alitalia?
With checked bags I don't think that's really enough time.
Thanks! I thought as much but need clarification.
arriving with delta from Atlanta USA ,pick up bags and depart to Catania with Rynair
What is the exact itinerary and where are the location?
thank you
You will arrive in Terminal 3, go through Schengen Entry passport control, claim your bags and go through customs, then take your bags to the Ryanair check-in desk in Terminal 2 and go through security.
thank you very much
I arrive on a Delta flight from JFK at 10:20 am then I have a completely separate ticket to Brindisi on Alitalia 4 hours later at 2:20 pm -- do I have enough time to check a bag? My understanding is that I will have to go through customs and immigration and then go through security again.
Yes, that is enough time.
Scared traveler need more information about arriving in Fiumicino airport . She is arriving on an AIr Canada flight from Toronto and then connection to an Alitalia flight to naples. I need to give her specific instruction about how to get from point a to b . Any help will be appreciated.
She should check in for her Alitalia flight online before leaving Canada. Does she have checked bags or not? Is it two separate reservations or one reservation?