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  • Trip time
    Sep 8, 2013
    I am leaving lax on air Alitalia and getting in Rome, I have 45 minutes on my next flight on air Alitalia . They told me I have enought time.


    That's really pushing it - where is your second Alitalia flight (the one from Rome) to?


    My flight from Rome to lamezta terma


  • Mr
    Sep 7, 2013
    I'm arriving from Rome in terminal one I have 35 min to one hour on same airlines air Italia in same terminal is this enough time.


    Yes, assuming both of your flights are on Alitalia and are both within Schengen and your flights are on-time.


  • Sicily Trip
    Sep 2, 2013
    I might add that my Airline is Delta from JFK. And that I arrive in Rome at 09:55AM and leave for Catania on Alitalia at 11:20 AM. Enough time to make connecting flight?


  • Sicly trip
    Sep 2, 2013
    I arrive from JFK at terminal 5 and need to connect with my flight to Catania at terminal 1. How do I get from 5 to 1?


    You do not arrive in T5, there are no arrivals in T5. You will arrive in Terminal 3. After you clear customs and exit from immigration you can walk to T1. You will really have to hurry to have a chance to make your connection.


  • T3 TO T5
    Aug 30, 2013
    I arrive from Athens with Aegean at 10:00 am and departing with USAIR to Charlotte at 11:05. Is there enough time to make the connection? Thanks....


    No, that is not enough time - I guarantee you will be stuck in Rome with that itinerary. I recommend changing your flight to fly into Rome a day earlier or out of Rome a day later if you cannot find an earlier flight (which is doubtful considering how early you are already flying).


  • Terminal 1 to Terminal 3
    Aug 26, 2013
    I have to meet a tour bus transfer that departs from Terminal 3 at the Fiavet/cotav desk in terminal 3 outside of the customs . I am landing in terminal 1 and am not a good traveller can you tell me the best way and fastest way to get from Terminal 1 to Terminal 3 is it walkable


    Yes, you can just walk from T1 to T3 at FCO.


  • phone card
    Aug 9, 2013
    need phone sim card --where to buy in terminal on arrival


    on arrival need to buy phone sim card at airport--where


  • Gate Connections
    Jul 18, 2013
    I am arriving at FCO from Split on Easy jet terminal 1at 9:40, then connect Delta at 12:55 to JFK at terminal 5. Is that enough time for Luggage and do I have to pass passport control?


    Actually, Easyjet flights arrive in the small Terminal 2, but the process is the same. You take a bus to T5. Yes, you should have enough time.


  • Car rental Info at Rome airport
    Jun 30, 2013
    Where are the car rentals as related to Terminal 3


  • which terminal does KLM airline use?
    Jun 29, 2013
    I will be arriving Rome via KLM. I have to catch the tour coach bus in terminal 3 in 30 minutes after flight arrival (including claiming luggages). Do you know which terminal KLM use? Will I have enough time to catch the bus?


    Currently, at FCO all International 'Non-Schengen' flights, including U.S. flights, arrive at Terminal 3, at either Gates G or H. From there, passengers go through immigration /passport control. (Terminal 5 serves departing flights to U.S.) 30 mins is extremely short. Hopefully, the tour coach is right outside the baggage claim, or across the street in front of the Garage. Find out.


    Since both the Netherlands and Italy are in Schengen, you won't have to go through immigration in Rome. However, you will still have to hurry.


  • Connecting Flight - enough time?
    Jun 22, 2013
    I'm flying from Bari to Rome on Alitalia arriving at 7:55am. My departing flight to JFK on AA is now at 9:50am (moved up from 11:40am). I need to check a bag. Will I be able to make this connection?


    Just realized that I arrive in Terminal 1 and my departing flight is out of Terminal 5 - so I assume I need to take a bus? Is that the quickest option?


    Yes, that's your only option. If your first flight is on-time you should be OK.


    Thank you.. I was checking and today the AA flight departed from Terminal 3 (not 5). Maybe they arrive in 5 & depart from 3. So I'm hoping that is the case when we leave.


    It's the other way around - you have to go to Terminal 5 to go through security. Then you are bussed to Terminal 3 where the aircraft is. When you arrive you are processed in terminal 3. Read this: http://www.roninrome.com/%20transportation/where-to-meet-at-fco


  • First time in Europe - Surprising my boys!
    Jun 21, 2013
    I am arriving on AA in Terminal 5 and am surprising my boys and meeting them off their Iberia/Vueling flight which lands in Terminal 3. Where can I meet them so it will be a total surprise without having to call them? Also, what should I do with a 5 hour layover?


    Actually, no flights arrive in Terminal 5 - it is departures only. You will arrive in Terminal 3. I think you will probably have a hard time finding them without having a meeting place. Terminal 3 is a big place. Here is a good writeup - http://www.roninrome.com/%20transportation/where-to-meet-at-fco


  • Connecting flight
    Jun 22, 2013
    Hi, in the next few days, I will have an Alitalia flight from Florence which will arrive at Terminal 1 at 8.05 and at 9.40 am after I will have to Terminal 5 flight to Atlanta (Delta Airlines in collaboration with Alitalia). How will I get from Terminal 1 to Terminal 5? Or will I have to go directly to Gates G? 1 hour and a half I will be enough? Thanks


    You have to take a bus from Terminal 1 to Terminal 5. You will have to hope your first flight is on-time. At least Alitalia will transfer your bags for you.


    I have almost the exact same connection times. Arrive terminal 1 at 8:00am and depart Terminal 5 at 9:50am. Did you make your flight? Did you change bags? Did Alitalia check your bags through?


    Not yet.... Yes Alitalia will check my bags and i will receive to Atlanta... I am sure of this!! Have a nice trip!!


  • Terminal 3
    Jun 17, 2013
    Hi, I'm flying Alitalia ORD to SVO with a stop at FCO. Arriving to FCO at 8:00am and departing for SVO at 10:40am. I believe I'll be arriving in terminal 3 and departing from terminal 3. I'll have to go through passport control, correct? Do I need to go through immigration too? Thank you!


  • flight connection at terminal 3
    Jun 17, 2013
    Hi, I'm flying with Alitalia indirect flight, (AZ 201 and AZ 782) from London Heathrow to Tokyo with a connection at FCO Rome Fiumicino. The connection time will be 1h15mins and it's within Terminal 3. I'd like to know if there will be enough time for the transition? I'm a UK citizen so I guess I'll have to pass the passport control (Non-schegen) and additional security checks? Will Alitalia book me onto next flight to Tokyo if I missed it. Thanks in advance! Mike


    Yes, you should have enough time. If you miss your connection AZ will book you on the next flight, but that would probably be the next day.


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