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My daughter is traveling on Delta airlines leaving from Detroit, Michigan USA to Rome arriving at 9:15am. Connecting flight to Florence is at 10:30am. Will she have enough time to clear immigration & customs (and I assume she will have to collect and recheck luggage)? Thank you.
That should be just enough time. She won't have to do anything with her bags in Rome if her flight to Florence is on the same reservation as the flight from Detroit.
Thank you!
We're flying out of FCO on July 3rd. The train arrives at fco at 7:30. Will that be enough time to make the flight ?
Can you suggest how much time I should allow at FCO for this itinerary?
Hi there, we are leaving Rome flying back to Australia with Cathy Pacific on Friday 2nd June departing at 12.35pm. What terminal should we go to and how early should we get to the airport to get through check-in, customs and security to catch our flight on time? Thanks in advance for your assistance.
Check in should be in Terminal 3 and you should be there by 10 AM, preferably a little sooner.
I've heard that American check-in is now in Terminal 3 and the old process of going to T5 and then being bused back to T3 is no longer required. Is this correct?
Correct, AA check in moved to Terminal 3 in March.
12:20 pm flight. Get there at 10:40. US passports. No luggage checkin. Prechecked in. Do we have enough time to get through security? Thx
That should be enough time.
What check-in desks in Terminal 1 is Delta now using?
I am looking to book a flight on Air Italia both legs of JFK-FCO-PMO in July. The flight has a 1h35m layover. Is that enough time for a family of 5 US Citizens with carry-on and checked luggage? Thanks!
That's enough time if everything goes smoothly.
Delta has posted an update for checking in. Now we go to Terminal 1 and drop bags then are directed to passport control. Does that mean we no longer make a trip to Terminal 5?
Yes, that appears to be the case - you will no longer use Terminal 5 to depart. You will check in in Terminal 1 and then proceed through Schengen Exit passport control and security to your departure gate in Terminal 3.
Hi. We are arriving with Air Serbia from Belgrade (from Tel Aviv) at terminal 1 19:35 and have an Emirates flight form terminal 3 at 22:05 (first class...hopefully quick check in). Will this be enough time on a Thursday evening? Do we need to go through passport control/security on arrival and departure?
Yes, that should be enough time. Since it sounds like two separate reservations, yes, you will have to go through Schengen Entry and Exit passport control and through security.
Thank you ZAP. Yes it is 2 different bookings and we will have luggage. I was just nervous it might not be enough time but am glad that you think it will be. Appreciate it.