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Can you tell me anything about transporting pets on airlines? Today Delta at DCA refused to allow a dog to travel under the seat. We had a friend bringing the dog to us in Arizona (either Phx or Tucson). Any thoughts?
We are scheduled to fly out on Tuesday morning from Reagan. We are not getting the area so not sure the impact the storm watch etc will have for the departures. Any feedback would be appreciated.
With a three hour layover, is it possible to see the Lincoln Memorial and get back to Reagan Airport?
Sure Can don't miss it
Baggage claim #9, worked on computer. Knew lock to battery was broken, but didn't realize battery fell off somewhere between this baggage claim and taxi. Please turn in, I will call lost & found.
Urgent - Lost phone in terminal C near gate 35 - If found please have airport page Angel Seda
We really enjoyed ourselves doing some shopping at the National Hall!
Travelers remark on the layout of the Terminals and point out the free cell phone lot for passenger pickup. Other passengers favorably comment on the National Hall, the available shuttles within Reagon Washington National Airport, and one points out where to get your money changed. Reference is also made to the USO lounge and its contact, as well as to the Metro station lines.