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  • Meridian Deli
    Mar 3, 2015
    Not many options in terminal A of DCA airport, but this was a terrible experience. First, they don't take your order. You can only order on an iPad (which they have and will let you use). I'm gluten-free, and they have Boar's Head meat, which is gluten-free. But ordering on an iPad, there was no way to customize the order to tell them I didn't want bread. I own an iPad and I'm very good with them. Trust me, there was no way to order what I wanted on the iPad (it wasn't user error). After struggling for several minutes, I asked someone making sandwiches if I can give them my order. They said "yes, what do you want." I told them "Italian, with no bread, plus mayo and oil." I got no response. After a few minutes I asked the same person again if I could give my order. She rudely put down everything she was doing, raised her voice at me and said "I asked you what you wanted and you didn't say anything so I assumed you were leaving." She said it so loudly, the 15 people in line all heard. Rather than argue, I apologized and told her again. But when you order, you don't pay (no way to take payment on their iPads). So they have a holding area where people wait for their sandwiches. No rhythm and no rhyme the order the sandwiches come out. Some people waited 5 minutes, I waited 20 minutes, and someone else waited about 25 minutes. Eventually they call out the order, anyone can claim it, then they take your money. Very disorganized. At one time, she shouted "who wants a Reuben" and then they made half-dozen Reuben's and gave them out. Next time I'm in DCA airport, I won't be returning...if they are still in business.


  • American Tap Room
    Mar 3, 2015
    American Tap room was awesome, BEST waffles I ever had And Juane was fantastic and lovely, and the Manager Jeff was very helpful


  • Cibo Bistro & Wine Bar
    Apr 4, 2014
    Don't allow the fancy tablecloths and wine selections fool you, the food here is uniformly horrible -- even by airport food standards.


  • Fabulously Fresh
    Jul 23, 2013
    Fabulously Fresh in Terminal A: The only vegetarian option offered in Terminal A is a wrap at this place and it is always soggy and falls apart upon opening the box. Does anyone there actually eat what they sell? Rhetorical question, obviously, because if they did, they would know that they are failing to offer customers healthy food that is also edible in the conditions of an airport. Super frustrating!!! The Euro Cafe in the middle is no better. They place all the food under the register so anyone that wants to buy it has to wait until someone is pushing them to pay -- no time to see options and select anything before getting to the register. Very few vegetarian options, and the entire process just to buy something is almost not worth bothering. If it weren't for my frequent, distant trips, I would never buy anything. Both these businesses are examples of poorly run operations, offering customers less than acceptable service, and products as inidicia of decision makers who don't understand customers even remotely. I seriously HATE vendors in Terminal A at DCA, and the only positive thing I can say is that I'm glad there is something, even if completely frustrating time after time after time.....


  • Jet Rock Bar & Grill
    Jun 15, 2013
    Every few months I come back to Jet Rock Bar & Grill near gate 30, because it is the only restaurant with service in that part of the airport. They never disappoint. If you like apathetic waitresses, agonizingly slow service and dry food, you will Love this place.


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