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How long does it typically take by foot to get from the Metro to Terminal A?
I only have a 48 minutes layover from gate 35X to gate 35 in terminal C . Is it reasonable that I should be able to make the connection?
Yes, that's possible.
We're Flying American from from RDU to DCA to Laguardia on 12/26 of this year. 34 minute layover. Both flights in terminal C. Should we be worried?
It's possible but leaves no time to spare.
This Sunday, my train gets to Union Station at 7 and I'm taking Uber to the airport for an 8:30am flight. How busy is the airport usually on a Sunday morning? Am I cutting it too close?
It's possible, but leaves no time to spare, especially if you have checked bags.
I only have a 40 minute layover, arriving in terminal c gate 35x and leaving from terminal B gate 24- will this be enough time and will I have to go through security- traveling with children.
You will have to go through security. This is a very difficult connection.
I have a similar flight. You should be able to take the shuttle to terminal B and not have to back through security.
Hi - will I be able to make a flight leaving from gate 40C with an hour to get there from my arrival at gate 35x?
Yes, that should be enough time if the first flight is on-time.
Can I find out what gate an American flight from White Plains (HPN) to Washington (DCA) would arrive at? Flight 5443 operated as PSA Airlines as American Eagle?
It will almost definitely use C35X, which is a gate where you are bused to and from your aircraft.
With about an hour between flights Gate 42 to 35X will I be able to make the flight?
Yes, that should be enough time.
Hi- will I have enough time to make my connection flight- I arrive at terminal c - gate 35 x -5:17 pm and fly out at 5:45 pm from terminal b gate 27- thanks
I arrive at Terminal C Gate 35X at 7:56AM and have to go to Terminal B gate 25 for connector that leaves at 8:30AM will I be able to do this?
I am arriving in DCA at 8:22 am, Terminal C Gate 35X and departing at 8:59 am from Terminal B Gate 31. I am flying American Airlines. Will I have to go through security and will I have enough time to catch my connecting flight?