Sacramento SMF Airport Terminal Map Overview

Main Terminal / Concourses at Sacramento SMF Airport

Sacramento Airport has presently two passenger terminals - Terminals A and B, accessible directly from Interstate Hwy 5.  The new steel & glass 'Central Terminal B' opened in 2011, and has a 2-level roadway - lower level arrivals & upper level departures.  Terminals A & B are not connected - Terminal A is reached by Airport Blvd. East, or the Aviation Drive merging into it; Terminal B is reached by Airport Blvd. West. 
    To transfer from Terminal to Terminal - take the frequent and free Airport shuttle bus.  From Terminal A it departs outside the baggage claim area;  at Terminal B it departs at its Center island, and its East Commercial Curb.  However, you can walk between the terminals via Level 3 of the parking garage and follow signs, which can take 20-45 mins, depending on how fast you walk.

International arrivals are being processed in a separate building, part of Terminal B. They will go through passport control, pick up bags, go through customs clearance and - if transferring to another flight - re-check-in their bags before proceeding to the connecting flight.

1. Priority security lanes
at both terminals are now available at their respective security checkpoints - as each airline has its own regulations, contact your airline for details.  TSA Pre-check is available in both terminals.
2. As part of the American /US Airways merger, American Airlines switched terminals on Feb. 14, 2015 from TB to TA.

Terminal A on Airport Blvd. East with gates A1-A17is currently served by  American, Delta, JetBlue, United, United Express & US Airways. It houses on the lower level the baggage claim and check-in counters; on the upper level food & drink and retail concessions, leading to gates A1-5 to the right and to gates A10-17 to the left. 
NOTE:  In August 2014 restaurants at TA were replaced by temporary vendors - in operation until remodeling of the food court is completed and 6 new restaurants will move in around June 2015. Meanwhile the TA offers on level 1 JetBox (sandwiches, etc.), on the concourse True Burger, Mia Mozzarella, Peet's Coffee & Tea, Sacramento Sports Bar, JetBox & Rebar restaurant.

Terminal B on Airport Blvd. West
with gates B4-B23 is currently served by Aeromexico, Alaska, Hawaiian, Seaport, Southwest  & Volaris (passenger pickup for Southwest Arrivals are at Doors 1& 3). TB houses on level 1 the baggage claim area, on level 2 the ticketing area with check-in counters, and on level 3 some food & drink  and retail concessions. Levels 1, 2 & 3 are in the pre-security area.  TB is connected to both the Hourly B carpark and the A& B parking garage.
NOTE: Only the gate areas are at post-security
. To get to your gates, you need to go to Level 3 (the APM level), where you take the APM shuttle train to your gate: The gate area houses to the right gates B4-B11 - to the left gates B12-23.
While the terminal offers a good number of food drink choices, the post-security area currently has only three choices (Camden Foods, Gateway Bar, & 2 coffee shops).

To have someone paged, call (916) 929-5411.
Translation services by telephone are available in 150 languages--dial 00 on any white courtesy phone to be connected with the service, which is also accessible at the terminals' ticket counters, retail stores, and food and beverage sites on an as-needed basis.

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