Salt Lake City SLC Airport Overview

Salt Lake City International Airport SLC is Utah's primary - and one of the nation's largest airports. (It is also an Emergency Medical Dispatch / IAED-accredited airport.)  Delta's third-largest hub has its reservation center headquartered here.  PC World Magazine considers SLC Airport as one of the best airports for Tech Travelers.  Not only is the Airport within an hour's range from 11 major ski resorts, but it is also gateway to 42 state parks, and numerous golf courses, the closest of which is the Wingpointe Golf Course adjacent to the Airport.

SLC Airport is is only  a 10-minute ride northwest to downtown Salt Lake City via Interstate Hwy 80 and is  close to  I-215 (Belt Route). The Salt Lake Palace Convention Center and downtown hotels can be reached within 15 minutes.

With over 20M passengers annually and three major runways,  Salt Lake City Airport is hub to Delta Air Lines and is served by major airlines offering direct and connecting flights to all points of the globe. However, Delta presently represents nearly three quarters of all airlines.

Passenger Pickup /Dropoff: Delta passengers exit from Terminal 2.  International Arrivals exit from International Terminal.  All other passengers exit from Terminal 1.  Pickup & dropoff lanes in front of the terminals are separated.  For passenger pickup, use the 'Park & Wait Lot' (free cell phone lot) - as you enter the Airport, it is to your right, south of Terminal 1. Wait in the car until your party collected bags & calls you to be picked up at the curb.

Salt Lake City Airport has three passenger terminals - T1, T2 &  the International Terminal IT - connected on level 2  to each other and to their concourses.

Future Airport Developments:
  The new Airport Development Project - started July 2014* and to be completed by 2025 - includes:
A new 3-level, 700K sq.ft passenger terminal, located southwest of current short-term parking terrace, is to replace the current two terminals & their International Arrivals Bldg:
   On level 1 will be curbside lanes, passenger drop-off from commercial vehicles, and inside international baggage claim, employee security screening & baggage handling system.
   On level 2 will be a pedestrian bridge to the parking terrace & to the roadway system for arriving passenger pickup by family/friends.  Inside will be the domestic baggage claim, RSA security checkpoints, concessions (food & drink, retail stores).
   On level 3 will be passener dropoff by family/friends ourside, and inside airline ticketing & check-in counters; departing passengers proceed then to level 2 for security check & their departure gates.
New & Renovated Concourses are to double space and have 75 gates, all with loading bridges. A new Concourse West with 18 gates and space for 9 more. Upon completion by 2018, the new terminal will be connected to the present Concourses, A - D, and the old terminals & garage demolished.  Thereafter, a new Concourse East  with 13 gates will be built.
New Roadway System & Light Rail Station:  (a)  A new roadway system will separate Arrivals & Departures. (b) UTA Airport liht rail station will be relocated and connect with the new terminal.
New Parking Garage, Rental Car Facility:   (a) a 5-level Garage will have rental car facilities on level 1, short-term parking on level 2 & long-term parking on levels 3 - 5.  (b) A 2-level rental car customer service building will be at north side of the Garage; Itwill house on the uper level entrances to 2 pedstrian bridges to Terminal, self-serve airline check-in kiosks & the related light rail sation. A quick rental car  turn-aound facility will be built south of the new Garage.

* Construction began with relocation of rental car facilities to a free area west of the current terminals;  groundbreaking took place mid-July 2014 & the total project is to be completed by 2025.  
The  first three steps of
Phase 1 of Redevelopment:
Step 1starts construction of QTA (Quick Turn-Around) facility and begins phased renovation of Concourse A. 
Step 2 involves demolition of South leg of Concourse E (excluding baggage room), and of existing RAC service site; it is also start of Cup & Utilily tunnel construction; of temporary roads, and demolition of apron area and south concourse.
Step 3 involves rerouting of existing terminal roadways for new roadways and terminal building; start of construction of new terminal and South Concourse West; Apron demolition and new Apron construction.
By 2017, construction starts on a new 5-level parking garage with 2-level rental car facility.
By 2019, the new 3-level terminal with half of its concourse & its parking garage are to open.
In the following phases of construction, demolition of existing facilities & renovation /rebuilding of Concourss B, C & D will follow.
For more information contact Salt Lake City Department of Airports at 800-575-2768. 

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