Parking Options at Salt Lake City Airport

If you need to pick up a passenger from Salt Lake City Airport, use the free 'Park & Wait Lot' (Cell Phone Lot), on your right as you enter the airport, south of Terminal One--stay with your car until your party has collected luggage and calls you to be picked up at the curb.

Other parking options at SLC Airport: (ePark is an electronic system with ticketless parking allowing passengers to enter & exit by using their credit card.)
The hourly/ daily parking garage
is located directly southwest of the terminal complex, and directly accessible from Terminals 1 & 2 - level 1 is for hourly parking only.
The long-term (economy) parking lot, accessible via intersecting I-80 & Bangarter Hwy, with over 10,000 spaces, is south  of the passenger terminals, with free shuttles buses running every five minutes. You can also use the walking paths. The huge lot is divided into horizontal sections A through F and into the following parking rows within these sections: 1-7, 8-20, 21-34 & 36-42, with entrances between 7-8, 20-21 & 34-36.
Bus shelters 1-4 serve A&B sections; Bus Shelters 5-8 serve C&D sections; Bus Shelters 9-12 serve E&F sections.
Parking Fees: 
Hourly/ Daily Garage: first 30 mins $2, each 20-min segment thereafter $1, up to daiy max $28.
Economy Lot:  first hr $2, each add'l hr $1; up o daily max $9.

Disabled parking is available on all three levels of the garage and around each shuttle stop in the economy lot.

For more parking information contact Central Parking at 801-575-2887

Parking Rates at SLC Airport

Description:(801) 575-2886.
Payment Options
Description:E-park, a new ticketless self-pay parking system, allows you to enter and exit the parking facilities quickly. The following choices will be available: (a) Credit Card In/Out -insert your credit card upon entry and upon exit use the same credit card for a fast, ticketless approach. (b) Corporate Card - use the issued corporate card upon entry and upon exit. No waiting, no tickets and no receipts.
Picking Up/Dropping Off
Description: Passengers using Delta Air Lines will exit from Terminal Two. Passengers on nonstop international flights will exit from the International Terminal. All other passengers will exit from Terminal One. Passenger pickup lanes are separated from the drop off lanes in front of the terminals. They are closest to the parking structure (far left).
Rate: First 30 mins: $2
Each Addtl 20 mins: $1
Daily: $28
Rate: 1 hr: $2
each add hr: $1
daily: $9
Description:Reserved parking for drivers with disabilities is available on all three levels of the garage and around each shuttle stop in the economy lot.

Salt Lake City (SLC) Airport Parking Map

Salt Lake City SLC airport parking map Hourly

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