Parking Options at Salt Lake City Airport

If you need to pick up a passenger from Salt Lake City Airport, use the free 'Park & Wait Lot' (Cell Phone Lot), on your right as you enter the airport, south of Terminal One--stay with your car until your party has collected luggage and calls you to be picked up at the curb.

 - Economy parking facilities are accessible via intersecting I-80 & Bangarter Hwy. Long-term /Economy parking has color-coded zones, marked in  yellow, blue, green & red:  Yellow is at top west of the construction area, followed southwards by Blue, Green & Red lots.
 - A new entrance to the long-term economy lot is at the sout-eastern end of the Construction Area (past the Green Zone).
 - The parking garage reaches full capacicty Tuesdays & Wednesdays - call the 24-hr hotline at 801-575-2887.

Other parking options and fees at SLC Airport: (ePark is an electronic system with ticketless parking allowing passengers to enter & exit by using their credit card.)
   The Hourly/ Daily Parking Garage
, located oppposite of Terminals 1 & 2, serves all three terminals and is connected to them by separate skybridges. Its Level 1 is for Hourly Parking and for Premium Reserved Parking. Its Levels 2 & 3 are for Daily Parking.
  -  Premium Reserved Parking on level 1 is $50/day - For reservation open:
  -  Hourly /Daily parking is $2 for first 30 mins; $1 for each add'l 20 mins; up to daily max $32.
   The Long-term /Economy parking lots in Yellow, Blue, Green & Red Zones  - with over 10,000 spaces - surround a part of the current construction area south of the passenger terminals. Free shuttles buses run every five minutes, stopping at each Zone stops:  Blue: stops 1 - 4; Green: stops 5 - 8;  Red: stops 9 - 11; Yellow: stop 12.
Fees: first hr $2, each add'l hr $1, up to daily max $9; for reserved parking $12/day  (open:

Disabled parking is available on all three levels of the garage and around each shuttle stop in the economy lot.
Payment options: By major credit cards only (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express).

For more parking information contact Central Parking at 801-575-2887.

Salt Lake City (SLC) Airport Parking Map

Salt Lake City SLC airport parking map Hourly

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