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how long will it take walking? is there a shuttle between airlines (delta & southwest)?
I am currently in Europe, scheduled to return to the states next week. My flights final destination is phoenix, but the port of entry is Salt Lake, which is where I live. I want to leave the airport after clearing customs. Does SLC do anything different with luggage than other airports do, or would I be able to claim my bag and leave?
Is a 35 min layover on delta airlines long enough to switch flights at 8:00 tues morn
Left Delta Gate 21 or 22 for Missoula Montana on July 8, 2016 at 10:05 pm, flight 2851. Kindle Fire HD tablet left either in seating area or bathroom next to the gate. Black cloth case, white foam insert.
32G card with LOTS of needed files!
At SLC, ef you lost the item anywhere in the airport call Lost & Found at 801-575-2427 or e-mail
My son left his laptop on flight from Cincinnati to SLC 12/15/11, was in seat 8f, computer in black 'case logic' bag was left under seat. He is devastated! If found please contact Delta or email me at Reward offered. Thanks!
Items lost onboard the airplane are the responsibility of Delta. You need to contact Delta's Lost & Found department.
I contacted Delta and they don't have it, so I am assuming that someone else removed it from the plane! Or, he left it in the terminal. He's so upset, trying every avenue to find it.
If I'm flying Skywest out of SLC, do I check in at the Delta terminal, or does Skywest have its own terminal?
Skywest is in the International Terminal, Concourse E, which has gates E60-85. Look at your ticket for gate number. Concourses & gates are easily reached from level 2 of the terminal.
Does anyone know if there is a restaurant somewhere before security? We have a layover her & want to eat with family that lives in SLC.
There are restaurants in the A terminal (nonDelta terminal) that are before security. Burger King, Starbucks, a deli...
well...... I guess sometime while I was on the plane, my headphones fell out of my bag, and I left them there. can I get them back if they were left on the plane, or are they gone forever?
If they were turned in, the Airline's lost & found has it. Contact your airline.
A frequent traveler shares information about Salt Lake City Airport's passenger terminal layout, and one source quotes that SLC has decided to replace the aging terminal (or terminals), as they were designed to handle 12 million passengers per annum, instead of the current 22 million. Another source states that, in preparation for a new terminal, upgrading the main access roads and parking facilities has been completed. Passenger are impressed about the efficient transport to the economy parking lot and the electronic signs at the shuttle bus stations. The Park & Wait Lot for passenger pickup, its flight information displays, and how to get to the lot are being discussed by some travelers, and others advise where to get take-out food & drink, where to make copies, where to find the Delta Sky Club, and how to contact a translator. We learn that rental car desks & rental cars are in the short-term parking garage, and the closest location of gas stations. As to other modes of transportation, one passenger with disabilities points to the UTA Flex Trans bus, and other travelers tell you what authorized shuttle buses are available.
Left a black coat at Gate B9 on Feb. 14th about 1 pm. It has an inside grey liner that zips to the coat, has a hood that is also zipper attached to the coat. In the right hand pocket there should be a grey knit sweater with some red patches on it. I have also contacted airport lost and found.