Parking Options at San Antonio Airport

If you pick up a passenger at SAIA, you may use the free Cell Phone Lot at the corner of Airport Blvd. & Loop 410, offering free WiFi access. Stay with your car until your party has collected luggage and calls you to be picked up at the terminal curb.  Also, the hourly parking lot offers the first 15 minutes free.

Other parking options & fees at San Antonio Internatonal Airport:  (New PRCS system displays available spaces.)  Across from Terminals A & B is the reconstruction area for a new Rental Car & Public Parking Lot (the old Hourly Parking Garage there closed and will be turned into a new Consolidated Rental C Facility (CONRAC)*. To the south of it is the Long-Term Parking Garage accessible by footpath and from South Terminal Drive.  South of the Long-term Garage is the  Orange Lot GTC, accessible by Northern Blvd., left exit. Across from the Orange Lot and Northern Blvd. are the new gas station & the Red Overflow Lot.  West of the Orange Lot is the large Green Lot, accessible from Northern Blvd. South of it is the Cell Phone Lot  which is also opposite of the new gas station.  
Shuttle buses depart from the Terminal curb every 5-8  minutes in a rotating schedule.
  * While CONRAC is to open in March 2018 - some parking levels are to open earlier.

Current parking fees: 
The Green Lot:  Fees:  up to 59 mins $2; 1-2 hrs $4, 2-3 hrs $6; 34-24 hrs $8
The Long-term Garage*:  first 15 mins free; 16-59 mins $2; 1-2 hrs. $4; 2-3 hrs. $6; 3-4 hrs $8; 4-24 hrs. $11.
The Red Overflow Lot: up to 59 mins $2; 1-2 hrs $4; 2-3 hrs. $6; 3-24 hrs $8.
   * Hybrid Parking - 78 spaces on top of the long-term garage, shaded by solar panels, and 2 spaces for vehicle recharging  in long-term garage, street level.

Payment options:
(major credit cards accepted.)
(a) Credit Card Only Lanes enable travelers to exit through any unattended lanes, taking only seconds.
(b) Go ticketless: Swipe same credit card when entering and exiting.

For parking information or for parking over 30 days call the Parking Division at 210-207-3465 (open 24/7)

San Antonio (SAT) Airport Parking Map

San Antonio SAT airport parking map

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