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Where would be the best place to meet someone if you are coming in at opposite terminals?
Does SAT airport has a transportation way between terminals like the sky link or something else?
While unsecured areas of both terminals are connected (but with separate ticket counters & security checkpoints) A & B gateways are not connected. On arrival, proceed to the ticket counter area & go through security checkpoint for Terminal B & proceed to your B gates (just follow signs).
Does anyone know if terminals A and B will ever be connected?
SAT's 'News' certainly to point to it .
They are connected.
cab you get from luggage claim terminal A to B with ease?
Thetre is going to be a new terminal C in San Antonio Airport with 5 or 6 gates coming in 2020 or 2018.
Terminal C will be completed in late 2015. The terminal will include a range of 5-11 gates, 11 being the max number of gates the terminal is expandable to.
There are a Total number of 24 gates in the two terminals. Terminal A has 16 gates and terminal B has 8.
How many gates are there total at SAT after Terminal B was added? Thank you.
Each of the two terminals only has one corresponding concourse - Terminal A's concourse has gates A1-9 & A10-16 on either side - Terminal B's concourse has gates B1-8 serving United/Continent & American airlines.
Map needs updating. Terminal 2 as shown, is gone. Terminal B is complete, up, and running.
Indeed it is and this was pointed out in the introduction - we will attend to the map ASAP - Thank you for your alert!