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I have a bad foot and wonder how far it is from the American Ticket Check in to the gate?
It's not too far. Maybe a 5-10 minute walk for a normal person. I don't know how bad your foot is so only you can tell for certain what you're up for.
My mom is arriving Sunday afternoon from Heathrow. Around what time should we be there to pick her up? We'll park and go in. She has a green card.
I would say she'll walk out of customs about 45 minutes after her flight arrives at the gate
Thanks for your quick response, much appreciated
we are only flying into SFO in June, but would like to know what the average time it takes to collect baggage and clear through customs. Also what is the best way to get into the centre of SFO - Union Square?
The best way to get there is BART. Immigration and customs will take 30-60 minutes.
Other airport status sites show 2-4 hr delays into SFO. What's up with this site??
Do I go through immigration and customs in SFO if I am taking a connecting flight to Boston?
Yes, in SFO you will go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, re-check your bags at the re-check desk, and go through security.
Customs and Immigration at SFO opens at 6am. United 955 from Tel Aviv usually arrives an hour or more early (4:45ish). Will passengers have to wait in the plane for customs & immigration to open? Even those with Global Entry?
Yes, they will have to wait until US Immigration and Customs opens. Global entry passengers still have to go through Customs.
I am wondering what time I need to be at airport for an 11am flight to Cabo. I'm arriving via Bart.
Get there at about 9 AM.
Hello I am flying from SEA to LHR though SFO with a 1 1/2 hour connection time in SFO...is this enough time or should change my ticket to arrive earlier into SFO? I have traveled twice with United where my plane departed late out of SEA - one time missing my international flight and one time my bags missing the flight.
That's enough time. All you have to do in SFO if both flights are on United is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
arrive from london to San Fran at 5 pm , will it be ok to plan to catch flight AA to LAX at 6:30 pm? Im a UK Citizen so immigration may take long? I carry one world gold card will it make a difference trying to avoid long lines while going via security ?
On two separate reservations, no, that would not be enough time, especially with checked bags.
Where is the best place to pick up arrivals? Since they will pre-clear Customs in Van, can I pick them up outside at Arrivals or should I go inside and wait - where!
I would personally just pick them outside their arrival terminal.