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Do you have to leave the secure area to transit to a domestic flight through the customs and immigration hall? I am flying in from Sydney and going to GEG
After you clear US Immigration and Customs you will be outside security. You have to go through security again to access your departure gate.
what is Frontier terminal? and what is China South Airlines terminal? How far of each other?
Frontier uses Terminal 1. China Southern uses the International Terminal. They are right next to each other but not connected inside security.
I am arriving on UA 5694 in terminal T3 on 11/1/17 and due to a schedule change have 37 minutes to get to my connecting flight HA 41 in the International terminal. I think I won't have to exit security, can I secure a "golf cart shuttle" to speed connection? Any other connecting assistance would be appreciated.
You do have to exit security. "Golf Cart Shuttles" are for people with disabilities. You need to reject the schedule change and get an earlier flight to San Francisco or fly in the day before.
Is 50 minutes enough time coming from Sacramento to SFO then on to LAX . Are the terminals near each other. Coming in on flight UA 5442 leaving SFO on Flight UA816
Both flights will be in Terminal 3. You should have enough time if the first flight is on-time.
I am arriving at terminal 1 from Vancouver and have a connecting flight to Sydney in an hour and a half leaving from terminal 3. Do I have to clear customs in SFO? Travel agent assured me there is enough time for connection. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks
No flights from Vancouver arrive in Terminal 1. No flights to Sydney depart from Terminal 3. What airlines are you flying? You will pre-clear US Immigration and Customs in Vancouver.
I mixed up the terminals. Yes arriving terminal 3 leaving from terminal 1 and have since confirmed that I will pre-clear US Customs in Vancouver prior to boarding. Thanks
No flights to Sydney depart from Terminal 1 either. They depart from the International Terminal.
Ticket says Terminal 1 International. I would assume when I get my boarding pass it will indicate the correct gate within the international terminal. Flying United from Vancouver, San Francisco, Sydney. I was simply worried about connection time if I had to clear customs, but with pre-clearance in Vancouver, I will be fine. Thanks
Wanting info on clearing customs with connection time
You're going to have to provide more information on where you're flying from and to, on what airlines, and whether it would be one reservation or two separate reservations and whether or not you will bringing checked baggage.
I have a 30 minute connection and have to get from Concourse F, gate 77B to Concourse G, gate 102. (My flight arriving into SFO is the first flight of the morning from the airport I am traveling from and has a good on-time record.) Is this enough time?
It's enough time if the first flight is on-time, but you have to hurry.
thank you!
I booked a flight running by Alakan Air from Seattle to San Fransico and arrive at T2 then I have 1 hour 20 mins to connect to Cathay Pacific to HK at mid night, do I have enough time? thanks
Is it one reservation or two separate reservations?
Hoq do i do this?
Alaska uses the International Terminal, not Terminal 1. You will have to claim your bags from Alaska, walk or take the Airtrain to Terminal 3, re-check your bags with United, and go through security. If you don't have checked bags, ignore the parts about bags.
My apologies trying to figure out with no checked bags will i have to exit security. I guess it is terminal 2 to terminal 3.
Yes, you will have to exit security.

Just booked a ticket from New York to New Zealand through SFO and found the connecting time really tight. Would I be able to make it?

NY -> SFO -> Auckland: layover 1h 8 mins
Auckland -> SFO -> NY: layover 1h 20 mins

Airline: New Zealand Airline /Operated by United
Have global entry but worry about the luggage pick up time.
On the way to Auckland that's enough time. On the return I would say that's probably not enough time.