Parking Options at Santiago de Compostela Airport

Parking options at Santiago Compostela Airport  include valet parking (for users traveling for several days), and:
1.  General Carpark (3 mins by foot from the terminal - best for pickup/dropoff or for stays under 4 days;
2.  Short-term Carpark for stays of under 30 mins - with direct access to check-in, Arrivals & Departures.

Parking Rates at SCQ Airport

Short stay car park
Rate: From 0 to 10 minutes 0.20/minute
From 11 to 30 minute 0.05/minute
31 onward 0.10/minute
Daily maximum 60 per day
General Car Park
Rate: Daily maximum as fro 8.75
per minute 0.025329
Daily maximum up to 10.95
Cargo terminal general car park
Rate: From minute 0 to min 0.015583 per minute
From minute 31 to mi 0.019479 per minute
From minute 61 0.018019 per minute
Daily maximum up to 10.95
Daily maximum as fro 8.75

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