Parking Options at Sao Paulo Guarulhos Airport

Parking Options at Guarulhos International:  Parking facilities are across from Terminals 1 & 2.  A new 8-level Parking Garage with 2,600 spaces intended for long-term parking, has now opened for business according to the new airport operator Invepar.  (Details are in the parking section.)

Parking Rates at GRU Airport

Offical Parking Lot
Rate: 1 hr R$9
daily R$50.5
17-24 hrs R$50.5
1 add hr(3-16 hrs) R$2.5
2 hrs R$13
Air Port Park
Rate: 1-15 hrs R$21.5
1 add hr R$1.33
monthly(11-30 days) R$351.12
daily R$31.92
Park & Board - Places Discovery (Promotional)
Rate: minimum stay R$16
11-30 days R$261.36
1 add day R$0.99
3 days R$71.28
2 days R$47.52
1 day R$23.76
Park & Board (covered places)
Rate: 1 day R$25.2
11-30 days R$277.2
1 add day R$1.05
3 days R$75.6
2 days R$50.4

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