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  • Best way to get from NYC to Maringa
    Jul 16, 2015
    My son will soon be traveling as an exchange student to Maringa Brazil. The travel agent wants to book him on a flight that doesn't involve transfers, so she is considering having him fly from NYC- JFK to Miami to Curitiba to Maringa. This seems like a lot of connecting flights to avoid a transfer. Is the transfer in Sao Paulo that hard to figure out for someone who has never flown before? He is 18, so I don't want to overwhelm him, but I also don't want to agree to an itinerary that doesn't make sense. Help!


    I would book a nonstop from JFK to GRU (Sao Paulo Guarulhos) and then separate ticket several hours later from GRU to Maringa on Gol or Azul. If you book a Delta flight to GRU and then Gol to Maringa then everything will be in Terminal 1. It's possible you could even book both tickets on one reservation through Delta.


    Thanks, ZAP. I was able to convince the agent to book the route you suggested. Do you think it will be hard for a teenager who has never flown before to find his way from terminal 2 (delta) to terminal 1 (vrg linhas)? He will only know basic Portuguese phrases. Thanks!


    Delta operates into Terminal 1. Both flights will be in Terminal 1. Note that the Varig name is no longer used. the Flight to Maringa will be operated by Gol.


  • Terminal 3 to 1 in 90 min
    Jul 5, 2015
    We are arriving from the US to terminal 3 and departing 90 min later from terminal 1, july of 2015. Is that possible considering your website says it takes 2 hours to pass through customs and make the connector flight?


    I think it's VERY unlikely that you could make that connection.


  • Arriving terminal 2 and departing terminal 3, very quick connection
    Feb 17, 2015
    How do I get from my domestic TAM arrival terminal 2 to my soon to be departing AA flight terminal 3, gate 601. Thank you.


  • Transfer between terminals 3 to 2
    Jul 5, 2015
    We arrive 12 MAR 2015 by Lufthansa to TERMINAL 3 at 06:05 and depart by SKY AIRLINE from TERMINAL 2 at 07:20. How to quickly transfer between terminals?


    were you able to make your connection in time in GRU Sao Paulo in March? We only have 90 min to connect from terminal 3 to terminal 1 and pass through customs.


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