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Questions, comments and tips about parking at Saskatoon Airport. Have a favorite place to park? Prefer offsite to on-airport parking? Share your YXE Airport parking experiences with others, or post a question and get notified when there is a response.

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Can you recommend airport parking that is a secure area. I have equipment on my truck that needs security. Thank-you
Price to park in long term for 9 days?
All the hotels around the airport offer parking and shuttle for $20/week.
If I park for two weeks, what would the total be when I return?
Park at comfort inn. 20$ per week
What is the current weekly rate to park on-Airport site? Also, daily rate?
Are there any off-site locations and if so, where?
Thank you.
Where can I park for 11 days while I am away? Can I park in long term?
Yes, you can park in long term.
I am leaving on vacation for two weeks. Where can I park for that long at the airport and what will the charges be
JetSet Parking is $84/week, so $168
why long term parking is max.7 days? I need a parking for 10 days. What to do? Will you tow the vehicle after 7 days?
That's just the weekly rate. there is no maximum length of time you can park.