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What is the easiest way to get from SEATAC to the Tacoma Dome Station? I am arriving at Concourse D. Where in the airport do I go to get the transportation I need? Thanks!
When I land in Seattle to have to take a underground shuttle to the terminal. I don't think I can do that. Anyway around that?
No, the only in or out of the N or S concourses is the underground train. The only way you can avoid that is booking an airline that doesn't use N or S (United, American, JetBlue, Frontier, or Sun Country).
or Southwest
Im arriving in SEA fr ATL at around 10pm. Im booked a room ar Best Western Executel for my next day flight to Korea. Where can I find their hotel shuttle at that time?
You will have to ask them.
I arrive at 05am from Alaska anchorage. Will I have enough time to make the clipper ferry service to Vancouver island at 07.30am? It is a Tuesday
I think it's just enough time as long as your bags come out quickly and you take a taxi to the Clipper Ferry dock.
This is our first trip to Seatac, can you tell me where the pick up location of airport hotels free shuttle bus service is located at the airport? Many thanks
Hotel vans stop at islands 1 & 3 of the middle roadway on the arrivals level -
Do you provide door-to-door shuttle service from the Airport to Sequim and back?
Who are you asking? This is not the Seattle Airport's or any transportation company's website.
i see a wenatchee valley shuttle service that goes from sea-tac airport to e wenatchee but my flight is scheduled to arrive at 2:40 and the departure time is 3:00. is it doable? if not, the next bus doesn't leave until 8. thank you for your help
Provided your flight is not delayed, and you have no checked bags, you can make it easily. Open: - showing on map bus location outside of baggage claim level.
Yes, it's possible but leaves no room for delays or collecting checked bags.
What is distance/walking time from arriving Concourse A to Airporter Shuttle pick up at Door #00. (near Intl Baggage Claim Carousel #1)
Unknown--I'd like to know also
Is there a shuttle from the airport to pier 52 to catch the ferry to bremerton?
The baggage claim level of SEA's main terminal, at the South Lot, has the Bremerton-Kitsap Airporter.
My husband will be flying into SEA-TAC for a job interview. He's never been to this airport before. He'll be flying American. He's been informed by the potential employer to take the train into downtown Seattle in order to get to his hotel. How easy will it be for him to find the train departure point?
1. Open - look at A gates (served by American Airlines)
2. The Link Light Rail to the City departs from the new SeaTac/Airport Station, which is connected by a pedestrian covered walkway to Skybridge 6, located on the 4th floor of the Parking Garage, which connects to the main passenger terminal's ticketing level. Trains run every 7.5 minutes during rush hours and every 15 minutes thereafter, MonSat 5am-1am & Sun 6am-midnight. He needs to get from the A gates to the Main Terminal's ticketing level. See map for Link Rail Sation: