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I'm going to have an almost 2 hour layover (connecting from Medford to Vancouver). Would I have time to go outside security to meet some friends for lunch? Or is it possible to meet in Baggage Claim (or would I have to go through security again anyway)?
No, that's not really enough time and there aren't really any restaurants outside security anyway.
That's what I thought--would've been nice to be wrong, though!

Is my 3 hour layover on the way back long enough to meet anyone?
Yeah, 3 hours would be long enough but doesn't really solve the problem of there not being anywhere really to go.
If you making an international connection through Seattle, arriving from Kelowna Canada travelling to Australia....all on same ticket with same airline codeshare flights. Do you have to clear customs and redo security or do they have a fast connections line to make your connecting flight. Just over an hour. Thanks
Yes, you will have to go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, re-check your bags at the re-check desk, then go through security and to your departure gate. There is no "fast connections line". That is a very difficult connection. Also there are no nonstop flights from Seattle to Australia, so you must be flying somewhere else first.
Is there a microwave available for use at the S Gates? If so, where exactly?

Thanks! :)
I've never seen a publicly available microwave in any airport anywhere ever.
Fantastic pizza
The English-second-language employees couldn't care less about you. They will stop cooking 15 minutes before closing, turning patrons away even if there are 20 people in line. They want to be able to walk away at closing time. But they closed two hours early (10 pm) not the posted 12 pm.
Qboda the Mexican taco place in the main terminal was a complete disappointment. The staff was rude and the food was bland. The tortillas tasted undercooked while the steak tasted like it was old. I know it is airport food but usually for the amount I paid I expected something eatable.
Ate here. It was really dirty and the sandwich was made wrong. I took it back and got a lot of attititue. making a new one cut in to their standing around time. Airport was busy but this place was dead. wil skip next time.
We will have a layover in Seattle before going on to Fairbanks Alaska. Is there a store to buy wine by the bottle while in the airport?
Try the duty-free stores at either Satellite North, Gate N9 or Satellite South, near the escalator.
My relatives are coming into SeaTac before heading on to Eugene. They have a 4 hour layover, and we would like to have dinner in the Airport, but it appears we must go through security first. Can I do that if I am not flying, but just want to have dinner with them?
Unfortunately, non-ticket-holders are not allowed beyond security checkpoint. However, your party could meet you in the central terminal, pre-security, where there are a number of restaurants available. Of course, they would have to pass security on their way back.
This summer we will be flying on Alaska Airways but will have about a four hour wait in the terminal. Is there a fairly good restaurant in side the terminal?
SEA has plenty of services and amenities, including restaurants. I suggest you visit for more details.