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Hey, I'm traveling from JFK to Seattle and then to Junuea airport ..Both the flights via delta airline, however I have only 50 minutes layover, will that be enough to travel from terminal S to terminal B.. and do I have to go and collect my bags and recheck them and go through the security again ? Please help
All you have to do is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate. All Delta gates are connected inside security. S is connected to the other concourses by an underground train. You have enough time.
Thanks a lot!!
My wife and I are flying to Canada via Seatac. Our flight to seattle is with Alaska, and then we are transferring to Westjet to fly to Canada.

Do we need to check bags, then claim them in Seattle, then re-check them and go back through security? We have 4 hours. Will this be enough time?
Yes, you have to do all that. You have enough time.
We have a flight with Alaska FAI-SEA, then Air Canada from SEA-YVR & YVR-SYD.
When I log into my Air Canada flight I can see the Alaska flight.
At what point will I pick up my luggage?
You won't see your bags until you get to Sydney.
Awesome! Thank you
Hi! Need some help here

I am flying hkg - lax - sea with American Airlines. Arrive in lax to clear customs and then connect to Seattle at 740 pm and arrive sea at 1030 pm.

I'd like to book another ticket with Alaska airlines that departs sea at 11:10 pm to YVR. Will I have enough time ? Can I ask the hkg check in counter to check my bags to vancouver ? I should arrive in SEA in domestic right?
That's not enough time to claim and re-check your bags with Alaska. By the time you get your bags from American it will be after the bag check cutoff with Alaska. You'll have to spend the night in Seattle.
Thanks ZAP - will it be possible to check in the luggage with AA when I arrive at LAX(interline with Alaska)? I understand I need to clear customs, grab my luggage and drop it off to AA once I arrive in LAX.
A visitor from Israel via Frankfurt, Germany will arrive on Lufthansa at the South Satellite. What steps does she take to reach the main terminal 1 where I will be waiting?
In the S Satellite they will go through US Immigration, claim their bags, go through US Customs, then put their bags on a belt to go to the main terminal, take the train to the main terminal, and exit the airport.
I'm leaving from Boston Logan taking Alaskan Air. I arrive for a connection flight in Seattle Tacoma int. and only have 45 Mins to catch a delta flight to Shanghai. The flight leaves at 1:15PM. Is this possible? Do I need to go through to have my visa checked and do another security check? DO the lies jam during this time?
If everything is on the same reservation then all you have to do is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate and you have enough time.
On a Long haul flight from NZ with 3 connecting flights. Alaska Airlines have apparently altered their schedule leaving just 50 minutes now to get connecting flight from Seattle to Fairbanks. Will this be enough time to get from Seattle Arrivals to Fairbanks Departure gate or would you recommend getting a later flight to Fairbanks. Do Alaska Airlines 'hold a flight for incoming passengers' if the Seattle flight should be slightly delayed in arriving, like I've seen other airlines do. Thank you in advance.
Where are you arriving into Seattle from?
Flying VS from LHR to SEA, arriving mid-afternoon on a Saturday, and have 2:25 transfer time before Delta flight to Hon. Am ticketed all the way. Will have checked baggage. Using a new ESTA. By sounds of other posts I'll need to:
- clear immigration/TSA screen to enter US
- collect bags & clear customs
- check bags & navigate across SEA to recheck in on Delta
- clear security screen & get to gate

Is 2:25 long enough? Will be my first time connecting flights & my experience of an ESTA line at JFK was utterly horrendous. Thanks!
Where is "Hon"? Honolulu? That's HNL.

You won't have to go across the airport to re-check your bags. You can do so right after clearing customs. Then you will go through security and to your departure gate. You have enough time. Since you are a repeat ESTA user you can use the faster line.
We arrive to Seattle airport on Delta from Beijing. We have an hour before an Alaska Airlines flight to LAX. That's cutting it way too close correct?
Correct, you need at least 90 minutes, preferably more.
We are traveling on Alaska to Seattle then Eva Air to Jakarta. We have 2 separate tickets. Can we be confident that our bags will arrive in Jakarta if we check them through or should we claim them in Seattle then check in with Eva Air? We will have 2 hrs in Seattle.
If the agent in your origin city is able to check them through to Eva Airways, I would be fairly confident that they would make it to Jakarta.