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I am arriving at Seattle at 11:12 a.m. coming from Amsterdam. My plane to Fairbanks (FAI) leaves at 14.00 p.m. I have normal luggage and also deviating luggage with me. I must. I musr re check and also pay again for the deviating luggage (a bicicle in a box). Do I have enough time to get my plane of Alaska Air to Fairbanks (terminal N/A)?
That should be enough time if everything goes smoothly.
Thamk you for your answer.!
We - 2 pepple with 2 puggues - are flying American Airline from Sacramento to Seattle and have a 4 hour laps, connect with EVA airline flying to Asia... Will there be enough time to collect the luggages and re-check in to international flight? Is Domestic terminal far from International terminal?
Seattle only has one Terminal. You have enough time. What are "puggues"?
I am flying from Phoenix to Seattle, then Seattle to Iceland same day different airlines. If I check bags, how long will it take to get bags from baggage claim, re-check them in, then get to international terminal? We have a short layover and I am worried we won't have enough time.
I would want at least 2 hours between your flights, preferably a little more.
We are flying Alaska from RDM to SEA and have a 2 hour layover, connecting with Icelandair to Oslo...will that be enough time, will we have to go through security again? We're thinking of only 2 carry-ons each, then checking them in SEA...Or should we just check them in RDM all of the way through.
Is it two one reservation or two separate reservations?
Flying form Paris , France to Seattle on Delta Airlines , then from Seattle to Kona Hawaii, on Delta Airlines, connection time is only 3hrs and 30 minutes ... Enough time for security ID controls and changing planes ?
Yes, that is plenty of time.
Hi, Thanks a lot! Just a precision : i 'm a French Citizen, so by "security and ID controls" I mean Immigration , customs ... is it still enough?
Yes, that is plenty of time.
Hi I have a family of 5 Canadian Citizens arriving at 0630 from Victoria BC on a Delta airline catching a connecting Delta Flight to Orlando we have 2hr 15 connection time is this enough for to go this customs?thank you
Yes, that is enough time if the flight from Victoria is on-time.
Thank you I appreciate you answering me.
Flying from Phila to Seattle on AA then Alaska Air to Fairbanks...connection is 1 hr and 15 min. Enough time?
Yes, if both flights are on the same reservation all you have to do in Seattle is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
I have a daughter flying from PDX to Seattle on Alaska. Then i am transferring to Concord and flying to Frankfurt. I have to get my luggage from Alaska, and re-check with Condor. I have 50 Minutes to complete this action...Will i have enough time? Is there anyone that can help my daughter with this? She will have two large pieces of luggage.
No, that's not realistically enough time. You need to change her flight to an earlier flight to Seattle. She needs 2 hours at least if it's two separate reservations.
How much time do we need to allow if we are arriving SEA on a British Airways flight from London and changing to an Alaska Airlines flight to Portland? Allowing for passport control and rechecking luggage!
If it's all on one reservation 90 minutes to 2 hours is acceptable, but a little more wouldn't hurt.
Hi how will I get to Concourse C from Sattelite S? If I go through Concourse B from Sattelite S, then B to C can I just walk or I need to take another train from B to C? And how about S to N Sattelite? How will I get there? Thank you
How much time do I need between delta flights going to fairbanks Alaska? Is 45 minutes enough?
If the first flight is domestic then that is enough time.