Public Transportation from Pudong Airport to your destination:  Over ten bus lines take you to the city center - or you can take the Subway or the Maglev train:
By Train:
Metro Line 2 (Subway)  runs every 8. minutes to the  Guanglan Road stop - where you need to change over to either
(a) an 8-car train to East Xujing station, or
(b) a 4-car train to Pudong Airport and Hongqiao Airport - a long stretch, taking one hour. 
For more information call either the hotlie at +86 (21)64370000 or, for Metro map network open:  shmetro.com/zbdt/overall.jpg
The Shanghai Maglev Train Station is located between the two passenger terminals. The train departs every 15-20 mins to downtown's Pudong Longyang Rd. Metro Station - a trip of 7.5 minutes!
Shanghai's Metro rail network system, is now the longest in the world, with 420 route-kilometers, 11 lines and 282 stations. A new 26.8 km, 8-station, eastern extension of its Line 2 from Juanlan [or Guanglan] Road to Pudong International Airport recently opened; At Guanglan Road, cross the platform changing trains for onward travel . While fares are lower than those on the Maglev Train, the Metro rail is closer. 

By Bus:

Aiport Bus Line 1 runs between the Airports of Pudong and Hong Qiao, taking 30-40 minutes. Count on five hours for safe transfer between the two airports. (You can also take the Metro Line - see above).
Other bus routes serve the City Air Terminal, close to Jingan temple, the Galaxy Hotel, Hongkou Stadium, Zhonghan Park, Lingang Xin Cheng & Shanghai South Railway Station. 

Transfer between Pudong to Hongqiao airports - a 45 km distance - taking currently 90 mins.:
   Bus Line 2, taking it either directly to Hongqiao Airport (a 1-hr journey without traffic congestion) - or - splitting the journey between Line 2 and the high-speed Maglev train (running between Longyang Road Station & Pudong Airport). 

A high-speed railway line is to connect Pudong Airport with the Hongqiao Station, & speeding up trips to Disneyland - scheduled to open year-end 2015, whereupon the second phase of the Pudong railway line will run south along the Shanghai-Nantong railway, connecting  with Songjiang South station of the Shanghai-Hangzhou high speed railway.

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