Parking Options at Shannon Airport

Parking options at Shannon Airport:  Short-term parking is available in lot P1; long-term parking is in Lots P2, P3 & P4:
1. Across from Arrivals is the Short-Term P1 lot, and behind it the Long-Term P1 lot.
2. Across from Departures is the Long-Term P2 Lot; behind it is the Rental Car Return Lot. 
3. To the Left of P2 is Long-Term P3 Lot, with a small Long-Term P4 Lot to the north of it. 

Parking Rates at SNN Airport

Short Term
Rate: Up to 1 hour 3.00
Over 1 hour up to 2 6.00
Over 2 hours up to 3 8.00
Over 3 hours up to 5 10.00
Over 5 hours up to 1 14.00
Over 12 hours up to 19.50
Long Term
Rate: Special Weekly Rate 47.50
Per 24 hour period o 9.50

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