Moscow Sheremetyevo SVO Airport Terminal Map

Main Terminal / Concourses at Moscow Sheremetyevo SVO Airport

Terminal Layout at Sheremetyevo Airport; conneting by Shuttle or AeroExpress; North & South Complex, Services & Amenities /Business Loounges;  Transferring to a Connecting Flight (including International Arrivals procedure) and Important Telephone Numbers:

Sheremetyevo Airport' has presently only four operational passenger terminals - TC, TD, TE  TF - divided into a North and a South Terminal Complex (NTC & STC)  facing each other on opposite sides of the runways currently served by shutte bus.  The South Complex includes TD, TE & TF with interconnected walkways; The North Complex has only TC in operation (TA is not in operation & TB's site is being used for a new terminal - see NOTE below).  A free shuttle bus departs Terminal B outside of Arrivals to Terminal E (with walkway to Terminals F& D) - taking 20 mins.  Terminal E in the South Complex has a train station for the AeroExpress Train to Moscow.

The North Complex presently uses only terminal TC.  The North Terminal Complex development plan includes a new Terminal B on the site of old TB, construction of which starts second half of 2014 - to open after completion of its first phase in 2017/8, and will include a subway entrance, 2  tunnels for passengers & for baggage transfer, connecting both North & South Complexes.
he South Complex include terminals TD, TE & TF which are being integrated into a single 'Southerrn Integrated Airport Facility' and are connected by a pedestrian gallery, enabling passengers to move between these terminals in the public zone.

Terminal C has four gates.
Terminal D has gates 11-32 (with a shuttle bus near gates 29/30 to gates 6-9, and at gate 13 to gates 1-3. TD has an upgraded domestic airlines VIP lounge, as well as a new international VIP lounge with exclusive personal services.  For more information open: or e-mail  Also, Passengers with limited mobility may use the new Saturn lounge on level 1, Arrivals, at right wing.  Note that flights to Simferopol are now operated from Domestic zone.
Terminal E has airline gates 33-41; and offers access the AeroExpress railway station for trains to the City.
Terminal F departures level has a VIP lounge, food & drink in the center,  and is partitioned on either side with separate security & customs - leading to gates 42-49 and 50-58.  The Arrivals level has in the centerr transportation, and on either side security checks and baggage claim

Services and amenities inside the terminals:
Information desks are in each terminal, ‘InTourist’ at TF (provides tourist information), business services (fax, telephone & conference facilitiesd; VIP lounges (tel. +7 495 788 7357) are in TC & TF); other services include e-ticket booths, Wi-Fi access, mother & child rooms, luggage wrapping and storage, postal services, rental car desks, food & drink establishments, and shops and duty-free shops, a hairdresser, a pharmacy and a first-aid station.
Business Lounges at Terminals C, D, E  F:
at TC: check-in areas for First & Business-Class Passengers is located on the ground level, to the right (past customs control).
at TD: (a) The Baikal Business Lounge is on level 2; (b) Classic, Jazz & Blues Business lounges are on level 4, past Customs.
at TE:  The Galaktika Lounge is on level 3, opposite of gate 39.
at TF:  (a) a First & Business-Class Lounge is on level 3, at the balcony in front of gate 3; (b the Yantarnyi Lounge is on leel 2, transit area (after passport control)

Transferring to another Flight: 
1. The post-security area has a walkway between Terminals D, E & F.
2. If your arrival & departure flights at Scheremetyevo are only up to 4 hours apart, make sure when checking in at your departure airport that your luggage is checked in for your final destination. 
3. International arrivals should follow signs to the Arrivals Hall, and go through passport control, complete the immigration card and proceed to the baggage claim area claiming their bags and take them to customs control where bags may be be inspected; if continuing your journey re-check-in your bags & proceed  to your connecting flight.
4. Non-citizens of Russia with an airline ticket & confirmed seating for the connecting flight are allowed to stay at the Airport up to 24 hrs without a valid Russian visa.
5. International transfer passengers whose connecting flight  is schedule more than 24 hrs after arrival, can get a Russian transit visa, upon presentation of valid IDs & connecting flight ticket, from the consular officer at Sheremetyevo Airport 6am-1am (tel. +7 495 971 2082).
6. Passengers from/to Belarus need to have a Russian transit visa issued by the Russian Consulate/Embassy in Belarus, regardless of how long they stay at the Airport.
7. Passengers needing to transfer between terminals of the North and South Complex can take the frequently running shuttle bus, taking 15-20 minutes.

Important Telephone Numbers: 

Terminal B: +7 495 578-12-44; Terminal С: +7 495 578-39-37, 578-22-55 ; Terminal F: +7 495 578-57-4;
Federal Security Service +7 495 578-57-18
Border Control: +7 495 578-26-31; hotline +7 495 578-90-90
Federal Migration: Offices: Terminal B: +7 495 578-07-51; Terminal F +7 495 578-19-11.  Migration control: Terminal B +7 495 578-07-51; Terminal F +7 495 578-19-11.
Customs: TB +7 495 578-21-37; TC: 98-98; TF +7 495 578-05-34.  Federal help line in Moscow: +7 495 449-77-71; hotline +7 499 728-76-42.
First Aid Service: Terminal B: +7 495 578-74-54; Terminal С: +7 495 578-47-12; Terminal F: +7 495 578-78-38.
Baggage Room:  Terminal B: +7 495 578-23-91;  Terminal F: +7 495 578-83-46; unreclaimed baggage, Terminal B:+7 495 578-23-26; unreclaimed baggage, Terminal F: +7 495 578-74-64/
Mother & Child Room: at Terminals B, C, E, F: +7 495 578-35-78


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