Transport options from Simferopol Mizhnarodny Airport to your destination:  Public transport to the City includes public buses 4, 98, 100 & 115, as well as trolleybus 9/8.
1. Trolleybus 9/8 departs the Airport every 10-15 mins and takes 28 mins. into town.
2. Minibuses to the train station depart every 10-20 mins and take 15 mins. (The Kurortnaya bus station and Krimtrolleybus interurban station are located there. )
3. To Crimea’s south shore: interurban trolleybus (Krimtrolleybus station), motor bus (Kurortnaya motor bus station), or minibus.
5. To resorts on the western shore (Sevastopol, Yevpatoria, Saki, etc.) or to other Crimean destinations take a bus to Kurortnaya station and take a commuter train.

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