Parking Options at Sonoma County Airport

Parking options at Sonomy County Airport include a limited number of one- and two-hour parking spaces on-street in front of the Terminal.  Short- and Long-term parking are available within walking distance of the terminal. Turn left on Airport Blvd. for short-term, and right for long-term parking.

    The Short-term Lot is across from the terminal with disabled parking close to the terminal.
Fees:  first 2 hrs free, each 30 minute segment thereafter $1, with daily max/ 24 hrs $14; 
     The Long-term Lot with exit & entrance off Airport Blvd. has disabled parking to the left of the Entrance/Exit (across from rental car lot.
Fees:  each 24-hr. day $10.

Payment is by credit card at all exits.
For more parking information contact Republic at 707-523-2186 .

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