Parking Options at South Bend Regional Airport

If you want to pick up a passenger at the Airport,  you can use the short-term lot or  the Cell Phone Parking Lot located inside the 18-hr lot - a 3-4 minute walk to the terminal. Stay with your car until your party calls you to be picked up at the terminal's curb.

Other parking options at South Bend Regional:  Note that all but the 18-hour lot are available for overnight parking, while the 18-hour lot opens at 5am and is closed at night.  You have the option to go ticketless paying by AMEX, VISA or MasterCard, pay-on-foot at the parking pay station by cash or credit card, or drive to the booth and pay the cashier with cash or credit card.
    Valet Parking premium service (574-288-4912 or 800-681-8885).
Fees:  $5 for up to 1 hr; $13 for 1-24 hrs.
   The Short-term lot across from the passenger terminal offers the first 30 mins. free - ideal for passenger pickup.
Fees:  first 30 mins free; 31-60 mins $2; each add'l hr $2, up to daily max $13.
    The Long-term lot is only 2 - 6 mins from the terminal.
Fees:  Each hr $1, up to daily max $9.
    The Economy Lot is only 3-4 mins from the terminal.
Fees:  Each hr $1; up to daily max $8; weekly $40.
    The 18-Hr Lot - also only 3-4 mins from terminal - is only available 5am-to last flight (no overnight parking).
Fees:  Each hr $1, up to $18 for 18 hrs max (no overnight parking!).

For more parking options call Republic at 574-234-1924.

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