State College SCE Airport Overview

University Park Airport SCE serves the city of State College and Penn State University located in the central part of the State of Pennsylvania. It is a Category IV airport with both a CTX 5500 (x-ray scanning of checked baggage) and a double lane screening checkpoint outfitted with brand new equipment.  
NOTE: University Park Airport has two Airport Codes :  SCE & UNV

SCE Airport is close to the city of State College, and within minutes of Penn State University, and is accessible via Interstate 80 (Exit 161 to Route 26 South).

With an estimated 267K+ passengers yearly, University Park Airport is served by Delta, United Express, and US Airways Express, offering daily flights to Detroit, Philadelphia and Washington/Dulles, with connections to US and overseas destinations.

The passenger terminal at University Park Airport - newly renovated - offers free WiFi access, a cafe, a deli, a new baggage claim system, baggage scales (over-weight is above 50 lbs); Information booth, and  hotel & limousine courtesy phones, rental car counters,  and an ATM machine.  Terminal business hours are 4:30am-midnight.

Passenger drop-off & pick-up:  Use the two right lanes for to the passenger terminal entrances. Do not leave your car unattended. 

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