Parking Options at Stockholm Arlanda Airport

The Service Center at Terminal 5 of Arlanda Airport is open 24/7 and addresses parking questions, & guide pssengers through internet booking system. Tel: +46 (0)10 109 1000 or e-mail

Passenger Pickup/dropoff
is in front of the Terminals & SkyCity, as well as in lot P550 across from Terminal 5.

Parking options at Stockholm Arlanda Airport

1. Multi-level parking garages are close to all four terminals: P22/P21 across from T2/T3; P41 across from T4; P51 across from T5. 
2. The SkyCity garage is between T4 & T5;
3. Outdoor parking lots are available  at P25, P46, P45 near terminals T2, T3 & T4, and P55, P56 &58 & P59 near Terminal 5. All are within walking distance to all terminals, with a maximum of parking stay up to 90 days.
4. Long-term carparks
Alfa and Beta are accessible from motorways 273 & E4, and  are served every 8-15 mins by free yellow shuttle buses: Bus 14 to Alfa & Bus 17 to Beta, at Stop 17, outside of T2, T4 & T5, 

Hourly parking areas are for short-term parking only:
(a) for terminals T2, T3 & T4, max. stay 1hour;
(b) for terminal T5: next to the multi-level garage, max. stay 2 hrs.; and at both the SkyCity and  Arrivals loop - max. stay 1 hr. 
(c) Disabled parking is available in the designated spaces of the hourly parking areas, for up to 3 hours, and is free.

For more parking information, call +46 7 797 6670.

Parking Rates at ARN Airport

Multi-storey parking garages
Notes:Multi-storey parking garages are located close to all terminals (2, 3, 4 and 5). 
The SkyCity garage
Notes:The climate-controlled SkyCity garage is located in the middle of the airport, right next to Terminal 4 and 5.
Outdoor parking
Notes:Here you park outdoors, within short walking distance to all the terminals. Maximum parking period is 90 days. 
Hourly parking for picking up and leaving passe
Notes:Hourly parking is the best solution for those who wants to pick up or leave someone or visit someone at the airport. Please note that this parking alternative is short-term only. There are five hourly parking areas, near all four terminals and SkyCity.
Parking With Disabilities
Description:Passengers in need of special help need to follow these steps:
1. In every multi-storey parking garage, there are designated parking spaces for passengers with disabilities.
2. The maximum parking period in the hourly parking areas is 3 hours with no fee for disable parking and your permit must always be in the front windscreen.
Long-term parking with transfer bus service
Notes: When you park long-term at Stockholm-Arlanda Airport you park a little further away at a lower price. But you will still be at the airport, and a transfer bus will quickly take you to your terminal. You can choose between the long-term parking areas Arlanda Långtid Alfa and Arlanda Långtid Beta. Arlanda Långtid Alfa is for those looking for the lowest price and not requiring as much service. Parking at Arlanda Långtid Beta includes extra services.

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