Stockholm-Vasteras (VST) Airport

Stockholm-Vasteras VST Airport Overview

Stockholm-Vasteras Airport VST is a small airport serving low-cost Ryanair. Inspite of its name, Stockholm is 110km from the Airport.
VST Airport is located close to the E18 motorway, about 5km east of Vasteras, near the Halla shopping complex, a one-hour drive from Uppsala, and about 110 km west of Stockholm, Sweden.
With a long runway and an estimated 175,000 passengers a year, Vasteras Airport is served by low-cost airlines Ryanair.

The passenger terminal at Stockholm-Vasteras Airport offers wireless internet service, three rental car counters, a cafe & bar, and a Euroshop. Most of all, it offers a peaceful atmosphere with short queues at check-in and security.

Parking options at Vasteras Airport: Short- and Long-term parking is available within walking distance.
To get from Vasteras  Airport to your destination, you can rent a car, take a taxi or the Flygbussarna - a private bus service to Stockholm's Central Station, which takes about half an hour.

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