Svalbard Longyear (LYR) Airport

Svalbard Longyear LYR Airport Overview

Svalbard Airport Longyear LYR - the world's northern-most Airport - serves the island of Spitsbergen located on the Arctic Svalbard archipelago of Norway.  LYR is only 3 km northwest of Longyearbyen, the largest town on the island and is the northernmost airport in the world, 1,300 km from the North Pole.

- Even though mainland Norway is part of the Schengen countries, Svalbard is excluded – there is no passport control.
- The Airport is open 10am-5pm daily (tel: (+47) 67 03 54 00). 
- It is advisable to arrive at the airport for domestic flights one hour prior to scheduled departure, 1.5 hours ahead for international depatures, and two hours ahead of scheduled charter flights.

An estimated 156,000 passengers use this airport annuallly for flights to Oslo and Tromso. Seasonal charters are available to popular tourist destinations.
The passenger terminal at Svalbard Airport offers some self-check-in machines, rental cars and a restaurant.

  • Address:

    Longyearbyen, Svalbard Island, NO-9710
  • Website for Svalbard Longyear:
  • Phone: +47 67 03 5400 /fax 5401

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