Szczecin-Goleniow (SZZ) Airport

Szczecin-Goleniow SZZ Airport Overview

Szczecin - Goleniow Solidarity Airport SZZ serves the city of Czczecin in north-west Poland. The name of the famous trade union Solidarnosc (‘Solidarity’) was added to the Airport name in 2006.
SZZ Airport is located in the town of Goleniow, village of Glewice, and about 45 km northeast of the city of Szczecin, and is situated close to the border with Germany.
With an estimated 300,000 passengers a year, domestic and international airlines offer flights to some European destinations, while seasonal charters fly to popular vacation spots. 

The on-Airport ‘Pilot’s Hut Motel’ offers single rooms and suites (tel: +48 (0)91 481 75 80). 

The passenger terminal at Szczecin-Goleniow Airport, opened in 2001 and expanded in 2005, offers the following amenities:  information center, passenger services, first-aid room, chapel, lost baggage, mother & child room, restaurant, cafe, duty-free stores, cash machine (Pekao Bank); currency exchange, post office and ‘Around the World’ Travel Agency  (tel. 091 481 76 25). Conference rooms for either 2-6 or up to 20 persons can be rented (tel. +48 91 481 7610; fax 7675). The LOT Airline ticket office can be contacted at +48 91 481 750.  Rental car counters are in the rrivals area.

Parking at Szczecin-Goleniow Airport is available in carparks P1 and P2.  The first 10 minutes of parking in both carparks is free. P1 is next to the terminal and can be used for short-and long-term parking; P2 is 50 meters from the terminal and also has short- and long-term parking available.
Transport from Szczecin-Goleniow Airport: Airport Taxi Group tel. +48 91 4817690).  The railway station is right next to the Airport, stopping at Szczecin (a 40-minute trip) and also at Kolobrzeg. Public buses stop at the Airport and serve the cities of Szczecin and Goleniów, as well as Koszain, Karlino, Ploty, & Nowogard.  The LOT Airline minibus (tel: 091 481 7400) departs 15 minutes after flight arrival and takes you to al. Wyzwolenia 17 in Szcezin.

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