Public transportation options from Taoyuan Airport: For THSR shuttle service information call the toll-free hotline: 0800-241560; or call during business hours: Terminal 1 counter at +886-3-3834779; Terminal 2 counter at +886-3-3833552; or THSR Taoyuan Station at 0913085530. 

A new mass transit rail link will  reach from Taipei Railway Station to the Airport's Terminal 2, and proceeds southward to Zhongli (51.5 km) - thereby reducing travel time between Taipei & Airport to a mere 35 minutes.

By Train:  Until late 2015/early 2016, the Airport has no direct train connection.  However, the green UBus shuttles connect Airport, Novotel Hotel & THSR station. Tickets are available at UBus counters in the Arrivals Lobby of both terminals, or at the THSR Taoyuan Station platform 1 at bus depot.  Green UBus shuttles run every 5-10 minutes and take 25 minutes.  
Contacts: Toll-free hotline: 0800-241560; Terminal 2 counter: +886-3-3833552; THSR Taoyuan Station: 0913085530.
For high-speed rail information & tickets visit:  (www5.) thsrc.com.tw/en/?lc=en. 

By Bus:
Bus tickets: at bus counters in the arrivals area; Bus pickup at: T1- B1 Arrivals; T2 - northeast arcade of arrivals lobby, level 1.
1. U-Bus service is also available to Taipei, Taichung, Banqiao, Taoyuan & Zhongli. (CitiAir Bus 03 393-1251; Ubus  03 383-4779; Tybus (Taoyuan Bus Transport) 03 375-3711/2.
2. Kuo-Kuang Motor Transport - Kuokuang Line:
Line 1819 to Taipei Main Station runs every 15-20 mins; takes 55 mins.
Line 1840 to Songshan Airport runs every  20-25 mins; takes 50 mins.
Line 1841 to Songshan Airport runs every 20-25 mins and takes 60 mins.
Line 1843 to Nangang Exhibit Center runs every 45-65 mins; takes 80 mins.
3. Evergreen Bus:
Line 5201 to Taipei City runs every 20-30 mins; takes 50-60 mins
Line 5202 to Taipei City runs every hour; takes 60-70 mins.
4. CityAir Bus:
Line 1960 East Bus to Taipei City Hall bus station runs every 20-30 mins; takes 60-70 mins.
Line 1961 West Bus to Taipei Est Bus Station runs every 20-30 mins; takes 70-90 mins.
Free Go Bus:
Line 5502 to Taipei City runs every 15-20 mins; takes about 1 hr.

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