Guest Services at Tallahassee Regional TLH Airport

Other services offered by Tallahassee Airport:

Airport Sky Caps, 850-575-1421
American Sales Management Organization (ASMO)

Airport Parking Services, 850-576-6023
Republic Parking manages, operates, and maintains the Public Parking Services

Airport Police, 850-891-7506

Airport Aircraft Rescue & Fire Fighting, 850-891-7850

Airport Maintenance Hot Line, 850-891-7827

Airport Communications Center, 850-891-7830
Monitor security cameras and alarms, after hours phones, and lost and found.

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
Airway Facilities 850-942-9697
Control Tower 850-942-9642

Visitor Information Kiosks, 850-606-2305
Managed by Tallahassee Area Convention and Visitors Bureau

Security Check Point 850-504-6214
Transportation Security Administration

Lost & Found at Tallahassee Regional TLH Airport

If you lost an item at the gate area or onboard your airplane, contact your airline's 800 number.
If you lost an item inside the terminal, go to the information counter or contact the Airport Communications Center at 850-891-7830

Pets / Animals at Tallahassee Regional TLH Airport

TRAVELING WITH PETS: - Airline policies regarding pets vary widely and it is highly recommended that you contact the airline prior to making a reservation.

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