Parking Options at Tallinn Airport

Parking options at Tallinn Airport:  (For long-term parking use  Parking lots A or A2. )
1. Parking lot A (for short-term parking) is an unguarded parking lot located closest to the airport terminal. Parking for the first 15 minutes is free.  The cashier accepts both cash and credit cards.

2. Parking lot A2 (for long-term parking at lower fees) is an unguarded parking lot located a little further from the airport terminal. Cash or credit cards accepted.

3. Parking lot A3 is located in front of the passenger terminal and has been divided into two parts, by which the lane closest to the terminal will be available for public transport (including taxis and buses) and the second lane for all other vehicles. The first 15 minutes of parking are free.

For more parking information call +372 605 8146.

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