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  • Overnight transit
    Sep 17, 2015
    Hi, I have 22 hours layover overnight at Narita airport. The flight is ANA departing from Honolulu, transit another ANA flight at Narita, and the destination is Yangon. Do I need to go through immigration and custom process if I want to stay a night at the Narita Airport Rest House? Or can I just sit and wait at the airport for overnight? Thanks in advance.


    I believe the rest house is located in the international transit area, but not 100% sure. You could just sit and wait in the airport too.


    Thank you for your information.


  • Connecting flight
    May 20, 2015
    My daughter is traveling from chicago to Okinawah on United and changes planes in tokyo. Will she have to claim her baggage and recheck it in or will it be transferred to her connecting flight? Also, does she have to go through customs at this point or just to her connection gate?


    In Tokyo she will go through Japanese passport control, claim her luggage to go through customs, and re-check it. There will be people to assist there.


  • connection flight
    Apr 13, 2015
    I am somewhat new to international travel. I have a rather simple question (but not for me!) I have a departing flight on eva airlines from taipei (TPE) to tokyo (NRT). I then connect from tokyo (NRT) to Los Angeles (LAX) on singapore airlines. I am checking one baggage as well. After my first flight, do I have to pick up my baggage , exit, security, and customs, and re checkin? Or is there a partition at NRT that I can pick up my baggage, and funneled into to checkin without going through customs/security again? And how long does it usually take (more than two hours?)


    Did you purchase your tickets together or separately? If together your bags will be automatically transferred to LAX and you will not have to claim them in Tokyo. You will also not have to go through customs.


    Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, I purchased them separately (one is actually a rewards redemption). Any help is welcome!


  • Connecting Flight From Newark to Narita and then to Guam
    Feb 17, 2015
    I have a connecting Flight From Newark to Narita (United/ANA) and then to Guam (United). Do I have to claim my baggage and check in again at Narita? Which terminal? Thanks.


    No, you will not have to claim your baggage or even go through passport control in Narita.


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