Parking Options at Toledo Express Airport

Parking options at Toledo Express Airport include long- and short-term parking lots within walking distance of the passenger terminal. 
Parking fees:
Both long- & short-term parking offer first 15 mins free; 16-120 mins $2; up to daily max $10 for short-term parking, and $8 for long-term parking.
You can also use E-Ticket Express, a credit card in/out option, allowing you to swipe your cedit card for entry into the parking lot and then again upon your exit.

For more parking information call Republic Parking at 419-865-2399.

Parking Rates at TOL Airport

Short Term
Rate: per day $10
All Lot
Rate: More than eight hour $10
First 15 minutes Free
16 minutes - two hou $2
Two - four hours $3
Four - eight hours $6
Long Term
Rate: Per Day $8

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