Parking Options at Ithaca Tompkins Regional Airport

Parking options at Ithaca Tompkins Regional: The parking lots are within walking distance of the passenger terminal and offer both short- and long-term parking with the first 30 mins free - ideal for passenger pickup /dropoff. 

Fees:  While fees up to four hours are the same for short- and long-term parking, they differ between 4&5 and 5&24 hours & in their weekly fees: 
(a) both short- & long-term lots:  31-60 mins $1.25, up to 2 hrs. $2.25; up to 3 hrs. $4, up to 4 hrs. $5.25;
(b) 4-5 hrs:  short-term $6.50, long-term $5.75;
(c) 5-24 hrs: short-term $8, long-term $6;
(d) weekly fees: short-term $40, long-term $30.

For more parking information contact the parking booth at 607-227-7359.

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