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I am travelling from St. John's NL to Montego Bay in Nov. Do I have to change terminals in Toronto?
I am traveling from Vancouver-Toronto-UK (Glasgow). At which airport will I go through customs/immigration?
I am arriving at Pearson from Pearson on ac flight and need to connect to ac flight to Vancouver. How much time will I need and how do I go thru can customs
We always fly from US, doing a quick wedding weekends in Orlando. So we are flying WestJet, all on same reservation, Sudbury depart at 6:30 pm, land YYZ at 7:30 depart YYZ to MCO at 9:00 pm. Can anyone tell me the process? We have an hour and a half layover, with 2 teens, and no baggage, just carry on, I need to have this in my mind so I don't screw it up. Also, my hubby smokes, will it be hard for him to have one when we land in Toronto before proceeding through or enough time? Coming back we are MCO to YYZ via air Canada, at AC rouge YYZ to Sudbury. Thank you all.
We are flying to Pittsburgh next year and are considering Air Canada from London Heathrow connecting in Toronto. The layover time is 2.5 hours Will this be sufficient for the necessary immigration formalities? As both flights are with Air Canada will it be quite straightforward?
We are arriving from Vancouver and then departing to the UK, in and out of Terminal 3. Do we have to go through security again? We only have an hour, which doesn't seem long enough Thank you
No you don't. Thats enough time.
I'm a Canadian citizen and will be flying all Air Canada from Mexico City to Mumbai via Toronto Pearson YYZ with 1hr40 between flights. Is that sufficient time? Will AC in Mexico be able to provide boarding passes between YYZ-BOM? What's the procedure when arriving in Toronto? And on my return can I expect the same procedure for the reverse itinerary? Thanks!
I will be traveling on air Canada from Montreal to Columbus through Toronto with 2 hours connection in Toronto. Do I have to clear out US customs in YYZ or YUL?
I arrive AC7293
I am 75 years old and red assistance to make A890
All Air Canada flights are in Terminal 1. I don't know what "A890" is.
I arrive at YYZ on Monday, November 13 at 20:20 on AC7617 from DCA (Washington National). I need to go to Terminal T1 INTL to catch my connecting light to New Delhi, AC42 departing Toronto at 21:25. Will this give me ample time to catch the flight; I will be in a wheelchair.
Yes, that should be just enough time if everything goes smoothly.