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  • GO Bus to Richmond Hill Centre
    Dec 8, 2012
    When arriving at terminal 1 on the shuttle from terminal 3 you arrive on level 5 of the parking garage. How do you get from there to the place the GO Bus to Richmond Hill Centre departs from? Thanks


  • Link train
    Dec 3, 2012
    I would like to see the LINK train platforms at each terminal on the maps of the terminals. That is more important for travelling than cafe's !!!!


    LINK Trains stop at the following locations: (a) For Terminal 1, the train platform is in the T-1 Parking Garage, 5th level. To get there from the terminal take the West pedestrian bridge to the parking garage. (b) For Terminal 3, the train platform is located inside the Terminal 3/Sheraton Hotel pedestrian bridge. To get there from the terminal follow signs up the escalator or elevator to the Sheraton Hotel. (c) For the Sheraton Hotel, the train platform is in the Terminal 3/Sheraton hotel pedestrian bridge. To get there from the Hotel use the Hotel lobby. (d) For the Economy Lot, the train platform is at Viscount Station, which is on American Drive between Viscount & Airport Roads.


  • Go Bus Stop at Terminal 1
    Nov 18, 2012
    Could you please tell me where is the Go Bus to Richmond Hill Stop in Terminal 1 and how to get there from Arrivals


    Level G of Terminal 1 is the Ground Transportation level. You can also stop by at Level 1, Arrivals, and go to any information desk.


  • US immigration
    Oct 10, 2012
    I am transiting in Terminal 1, connecting from a domestic flight headed to the US. I have just over an hour between flights, does anyone know if you have to go through customs in YYZ or in your US destination?


    Toronto Pierson Airport is one of the Canadian Airports with US Customs Clearance in both of their Terminals 1 & 3, with clearly marked signs and separate departure gates. Terminal 1 has on level 3 D, E & F gate areas (referred to as 'Nodes'). Do make sure that your first airline will transfer your bags to the connecting airline - if not, you would need to claim bags & re-check them in at connecting airline desk - taking extra time.


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