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I have a flight from Japan to Boston connecting in Toronto. The flight time just changed and I now have the care minimum 1 hr. 25 min. Is that enough time? Also, do I need to recheck bags once in Canada?
If both flights are on Air Canada that is enough time. You will go straight to US Immigration and Customs Preclearance in Toronto.
Flying from YVR to LGA, via YYZ with baggage. Flights are Air Canada, terminal 1 at YYZ. Is the 1 hour 10 minutes Air Canada allows sufficient time for the baggage transfer and security clearance?
Yes, that is enough time. In Toronto you will go through US Immigration and Customs Preclearance.
Hi. I have a flight from London to Montreal, connecting in toronto, will I pass customs in Toronto on in Montreal?
You will go through Canadian Immigration and Customs in Montreal.
Hi! We're flying from Edinburgh to YYZ to SFO. We have UK passports & of course checked baggage. The flights are all on the same reservation. Is this enough time & I'm wondering about baggage - do you collect & re-check etc? Many thanks & apologies if you've been asked this before!
I'm sorry, the YYZ-bound flight from UK is Air Canada Rouge.
That should be enough time.
Coming in from Barcelona on Air Canada (rouge) mid-afternoon and we have a 2:20 layover at YYZ. Connection to Detroit is also on Air Canada. I understand I do NOT have to collect checked luggage now...is this correct? Also, will 2:20 suffice for clearing Canadian passport control and US CPB at YYZ?
Yes, that is my understanding. You have plenty of time. You actually won't have to go through Canadian passport control, you go straight to US CBP.
Thanks, ZAP! Much appreciated!
I have a lay over of 1hr 28mins in PHL. is that enough time to clear customer and onto connecting flight to Buffalo?
clear "customs" and not customer. grr
Where are you flying into Philadelphia from?
I will be arriving in YYZ from FCO (Rome) via Air Transat and catching a connecting flight to the US via Air Canada. I'm arriving in Toronto at 5:35 PM and my connecting flight leaves at 6:30 PM (assuming boarding begins at 6 PM). Will 35 mins to an hour be enough time to get through customs and security? We are not checking our bags. Thank you!
You will also have to change terminals and pre-clear US Immigration and Customs. No, that is not even close to enough time.
Approximately how much time would all of this require?
2.5 hours
Flying from Los Angeles to Venice. Layover of 1 hour 14 mins. Enough time to make connection?
I should add that both flights on AIR CANADA
Yes, that is enough time. You just have to go through Canadian passport control and to your departure gate.
Hi -- I am flying from Newark (EWR) to Barbados (BGI) with a layover in Tortonto (YYZ). Will I need to go through customs before transferring? Both fights are with Air Canada. If yes, my layover is 1 hour and 14 minutes. Will this leave me enough time? I will be traveling with a carryon bag only.
Yes, in Toronto you will go through Canadian passport control before you can get to your departure gate. You should have enough time.
We are traveling 7-1-2017 on Air Canada from AMS to ORD via YYZ our time between flights is 3 hours - how much walking is there between arriving Terminal 1 and departing Terminal 2 with customs etc. Is there a handicap train or assistance?
Toronto does not have a terminal 2 - I believe what you're seeing is your arrival terminal at ORD. Both of your flights in Toronto will be in Terminal 1. You have plenty of time.