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Arriving from Mexico 8:35PM Connecting to Kelowna 10:15 PM, Does this allow enough time for custom clearance in Terminal 3?
Yes, that should be enough time if everything goes smoothly and both flights are on the same reservation.
We arrive WS518 8:29 from Winnipeg and leave for Barbados WS2513 at 9:15. Are we going to have enough time between gates?
Yes, as long as the flight from Winnipeg is on-time. It doesn't leave a lot of time to spare.
Flying London to Thunder Bay. 1 hour 20 min layover. Not a Canadian citizen. Is this enough time to get through immigration/customs. Will I have to pick up/drop of my check in baggage. If I am delayed because of immigration/baggage queues, will air Canada look after me (all flights booked through them)
That will be pretty difficult. If you do miss your connection then you will be booked on the next flight to Thunder Bay
Thanks for that. I'll see if can I go with only hand luggage, but it will be difficult.
i do this regularly, to see the other halves Canadian family, its tight but always doable, i've only had to run once when the LHR-YYZ flight was delayed, other than that all ok, however if on the same booking your protected anyway
Thanks so much for that. I can handle missing the connecting flight if we are covered. I was imagining all sorts of financial implications! :)
Fyling from DUB to YUL with a connection in YYZ on WestJet all in terminal . I am a Canadian citizen. I have 1 hour for connection. Will I have enough time and will I have to pick up my luggage and re-check it. Thanks
That is just enough time. Ask a Border Canada employee whether or not you have to claim your bags when you arrive.
Thank you
We arrive with Air Canada from San Jose, Costa Rica and have a connecting flight 1 hour 10 minutes later with Lufthansa to Frankfurt.
Same Terminal 1
No checked-in baggege.
Do we have enough time?
Yes, that should be enough time. You just have to go through Canadian passport control, security and to your departure gate.
Hi, I am looking at a connection arriving on KLM from Amsterdam to Toronto at 15.40 and departing to USA on either Air Canada (departure 17.35) or Delta (departure 17.40). Will be on separate ticket, but KLM can interline bags upon request at check in in Amsterdam and can do online check-in day in advance. Will there be enough time to make this connection? Thanks for your help!
Either connection is pretty difficult. The Delta one will be easier since everything is in the same terminal.
Thank you so much ZAP!
Hi ZAP, hope you could help me out again with following question regarding connection YYZ from KL (AMS) to DL (USA)... I see conflicting info whether or not to reclaim through-checked bags upon arrival in YYZ and to drop them on connecting belts. Do I need to clear Canadian customs before heading to US pre-clearance while in transit? Your advise is much appreciated!
Flying in from london to toronto and have a connecting flight to thunderbay...just 1 hour layover..ist it enough?
London, Ontario or London, England? What airline?
London, Engand. British airways from london to toronto and air canada from toronto to thunderbay
I think I've missed the flight because my British Airways flight was delayed an hour. Will Air canada help me with another flight?
If it's two separate reservations you'll have to pay the change fee and possibly a fare difference.
Clarification: Flying in/out of YYZ. (ATL-YWG) both flights on same ticket
Flying in from ATL via Delta; on to YWG via Westjet with only 1 hr. 7 minutes layover. Is this even legal? (Expedia claims it is. ) I had booked a better flight but Delta. "changed my itinerary" and Exp. accepted it "on my behalf"! WillI have enough time? Thanks!
That's just enough time if your flight from Atlanta is on-time.
Thanks, Zap!
Leaving from Ottawa with a 1 hr connecting flight in Toronto to Puerto Vallarta. What's the drill re baggage and customs. Can we make the connection
There is no Canadian customs when leaving Canada. If both flights are on the same airline all you have to do in Toronto is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate.