Parking Options at Toulouse Blagnac Airport

Parking options at Toulouse Blagnac Airport: Note that a panel displays parking availability at the entrance to the Airport, as well as at the entrance of each car park. The following parking options are available:  PO, P1, P2 & P3 are next to each other; P5 & P6 are past those carparks
1. P0 Express parking is for short-term parking – max. 3 hours. Across from the Terminal, it is ideal for pickup/dropoff of passengers.
2. P1 & P2 Proxy Park multi-level carparks with covered access to terminal.
3. P3 Proxi Park - for short- & long-term stay.
6. P5 & P6 are long-term economy parking lots - a 12-minute walk from terminal and serviced by shuttle buses every 15 mins, stopping across from Hall D.

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